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"The crude trap was already in place. As Sarda and Idris emerged from the cave, he grabbed them and threw them roughly to the side. Unable to halt his lunge, Karzahni struck the trap, which promptly slammed shut around him."
— Narrator, Dreams of Destruction

Underwater Trap
Manufacturer Sarda
Function Trap Karzahni
Status Abandoned
Location Mahri Nui

The Underwater Trap was a device crafted by the Mahri Nui Matoran Sarda and Idris in order to capture the tyrant Karzahni.


Sarda and Idris luring Karzahni into the trap

After witnessing Karzahni's defeat at the hands of Makuta Teridax, Toa Lesovikk and his two Matoran allies tracked the maddened being to an underwater cave. Lesovikk, having seen some equipment in a Barraki weapons cache, suggested making a trap out of the materials, but was struck by Karzahni's Kanohi Olisi and trapped in a vision. The Matoran, unable to rouse Lesovikk from his trance, took his idea and constructed a trap, and went inside to bait Karzahni out of the cave. The two managed to do so, and exited the cave just as Lesovikk broke the vision he was placed in. Karzahni was lured into the trap, which snapped shut around him. The Order of Mata Nui member Botar came and took Karzahni away, and the trap was abandoned in the ocean.


The trap was a makeshift piece of equipment, made out of the salvaged remains of old weapons. The arms were spring loaded, which triggered when the trap was hit, snapping the arms closed and rendering the victim unable to move.

Set Information

Underwater Trap Set

The trap was included in the Toys "R" Us-exclusive 8940 Karzahni set in mid-2007, along with the Matoran Sarda and Idris. Pistons allowed its height and angle to change, and the left and right sides of the trap could snap from an open to a closed position. The trap contained ninety-seven of the set's 372 pieces.



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