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"But in this game, Brutaka, it doesn't matter who wins the first few battles, only who wins the last one."
Axonn's thoughts, Inferno

Battles and Conflicts
Animation Battle of Mangaia.png
The Battle of Mangaia
Aspect of Society
Location All areas of the universe
Purpose Achieve power
Defend a territory
Defeat oppression
Effects Shift of balance of power

Battles and Conflicts are combative events that occur when two factions, comprised of one or more individuals, begin fighting one another, in order to achieve a goal. These battles usually end either when one faction eventually overpowers the others, or a third party steps in to end it.

Battles occur on a smaller magnitude than Wars, which typically involve large organizations or influential groups fighting with each other.

Generation 1

Spherus Magna

On Spherus Magna, the societies were organized into tribes. These tribes coexisted relatively peacefully until the arrival of the Element Lords. The Lords also maintained a semblance of peace until the discovery of Energized Protodermis. Ownership of the mysterious substance lead to the Core War, which caused the Shattering.

After the Shattering, battles became regulated and organized on Bara Magna in the form of Arena Matches. Due to the scarcity of resources, inhabitants of the desert world frequently clashed inside and outside the arena in order to survive.



Skrall War

Other Battles

Matoran Universe

The denizens of the Matoran Universe were designed by the Great Beings as nanotech, intended to keep the Great Spirit Robot, governed by Mata Nui, functioning. Despite this, they developed into highly advanced artificial beings, and also came into conflict with one another, spawning numerous fights and several wars.



History of the Matoran Universe

  • Artakha and Karzahni fight over possession of the Mask of Creation, with Artakha emerging as the victor.[4]
  • Lesovikk's Toa Team, the Toa Cordak, confronts a tribe of Zyglak, and all but Lesovikk are killed by them.[DroD]
  • A Toa Team visiting Metru Nui defeats and imprisons the Kanohi Dragon. Takadox bears witness to the event.[5]
  • Battle Against the Barraki - Makuta Teridax leads a surprise attack against the combined forces of the Barraki.[5]
  • Two Dark Hunters arrive on Airwatcher's homeland, and he kills one of them. The other brings Airwatcher back to Odina.[6]
  • Two Toa teams join together to fight off Protocairns and the following Parakrekks invasion.[NOGLB]
  • Norik and Varian, assisted by a local Toa calling himself "Grey", fight Dark Hunters Lurker and Gatherer. After Lurker and Gatherer kidnap "Grey" and depart, Norik and Varian give chase in their boat, but are defeated and taken to Odina.[NOGLB]
  • A Toa Fortress protecting the Makoki Stone, is besieged by Frostelus, while it is raided by two Skakdi thieves, Vezok and Hakann. The fortress is destroyed by the Frostelus, and the only survivor is a rookie Toa, Lhikan.[7]
  • Reidak, Vezok, and Avak release the Kanohi Dragon, and it goes on a rampage across Metru Nui, destroying half of Ta-Metru in the process. The Toa Mangai battle the Rahi for one month, and it is finally defeated by the efforts of four Toa of Ice.[7]
  • Toa Lesovikk tries to put a wounded Rock Lion out of its misery, only to end up fighting the lion for three days and, in the end, lose.[DroD]
  • A series of battles over possession of the Nui Stone take place in Metru Nui. Toa Mangai Nidhiki fights and defeats Devastator while Lhikan fights and defeats both Gladiator and Triglax. The two Toa then learn that Dark Hunters had not been murdering Matoran as Tuyet had claimed.[TMDoTT]
    • Battle of the Toa Mangai - Lhikan later confronts Tuyet and finds the Nui Stone in her hut, prompting Tuyet to use the stone's power to fight him. Nidhiki arrives and catches Tuyet by surprise, defeating her with Lhikan. Tuyet is captured and held in the Coliseum, and later spirited away by Botar.[TMDoTT]
  • Tyrant and a group of Dark Hunters confront Lhikan and a band of Toa during the Toa-Dark Hunter War. The Dark Hunters desert Tyrant the instant the fight begins, and he is gravely wounded.[6]
  • In the closing days of the war, Vengeance duels Toa Lhikan, but is defeated and trapped.[6]
  • Raid on Artakha - Makuta Kojol leads a raid on the island of Artakha to retrieve the Kanohi Avohkii.[TMC]
  • Two Toa Hagah, Norik and Iruini, fight and defeat a Frostelus using a cyclone of molten lava.[C25]
  • Raid on the Destral Fortress - The Toa Hagah rebel against the Brotherhood of Makuta to obtain the Kanohi Avohkii, successfully defeating Teridax in the process.[8]

Legends of Metru Nui

Great Rescue

  • Battle for the Tower of Toa - The Toa Hordika and their allies lead an assault on a Visorak stronghold.[14]
  • The Toa Hordika battle the Visorak for possession of the Mask of Light. Onewa seals the Avohkii in stone with his Rhotuka, and Whenua's spinner causes the room to collapse. The Toa Hordika are able to escape safely with the mask.[TSftMoL]
  • Battle of Metru Nui - The Toa Hordika launch an assault on the Coliseum to retake Metru Nui from the Visorak.[8]
  • Battle for the Kanohi Vahi - Vakama, Teridax, and the Dark Hunters all battle for control of the Vahi.[15]

The Dark Time

Coming of the Toa

Bohrok Invasion

Search for the Seventh Toa

  • Attack on Ta-Koro - The Rahkshi Lerahk, Panrahk and Guurahk attack and destroy Ta-Koro while searching for the Kanohi Avohkii.[19]
  • Takua and Jaller are attacked by Lerahk, Panrahk in Guurahk in Ko-Wahi, but Kopaka arrive in time to save them and temporarily trap the Rahkshi in a frozen pond.[19]
  • After the destruction of Ta-Koro, Tahu and Gali fight the Rahkshi Lerahk, Panrahk and Guurahk in attempt to stop the Rahkshi from reaching Po-Koro. Lewa soon arrives to help them, but the Lerahk uses poison to corner the three Toa Nuva, and the three Rahkshi then bring down a cliff on the Toa.[C13]
  • Kopaka travels to Po-Wahi for a meeting with the other Toa Nuva, only to find himself cornered by all six Rahkshi.[C13] Kopaka is almost defeated by the Vorahk, until Tahu, Lewa, and Gali appear and help Kopaka battle Teridax's "sons". In the end, the Rahkshi flee from the four Toa Nuva.[C14]
  • Attack on Onu-Koro - Another company of Rahkshi fight against the Toa Nuva and destroy Onu-Koro while searching for the Herald of the Seventh Toa.[19]
  • Tahu, Lewa, and Kopaka encounter two Rahkshi Kaita in Le-Wahi, and defeat them, despite almost losing Lewa because he underestimated their power.[C15]
  • Battle for the Kanohi Avohkii - Six Rahkshi battle with the Toa Nuva in an attempt to acquire the Kanohi Avohkii and prevent the creation of a Toa of Light.[B:MoL]
  • Conflict Between Takanuva and Teridax - Toa Takanuva confronts Makuta Teridax.[19]

Quest for the Mask of Life

Order of Mata Nui-Brotherhood of Makuta War
  • Icarax discovers Botar and Trinuma depositing a weapons stash. Botar is crushed by Icarax's magnetic powers, but Trinuma manages to escape, wounded.[FoF]
  • Axonn and Brutaka attempts to make a treaty with the Skakdi warlord Nektann. They start by knocking on the door to Nektann's fortress, but are driven back to a beach by the Skakdi. A large portion of the army is buried by Brutaka when he collapses a building on them. After that, the two give themselves up to negotiate with Nektann.[DW]
  • A misunderstanding between the Toa Hagah and the Toa Mahri escalates into a raging battle until they have to stop in order to subdue a massive three-headed monster Rahi released during the fight.[DID]
  • The Skakdi of Zakaz attack a small legion of Rahkshi on one of the Southern Islands. The Rahkshi are at an advantage at first, but the Skakdi are able to work themselves into a rage, and tear through their opponents.[RoS]
  • A fight between Voporak, a four-armed warrior, and Ta-Koro Guardsmen for the Kanohi Vahi. Voporak defeats his opponents and leaves with the Vahi.[RoS]
  • Destral is besieged by forces of the Order of Mata Nui. To avoid the battle, Tridax attempts to unleash on the forces his Shadow Takanuva, while he threatens Vezon. Tobduk and Mazeka arrive and confront Tridax and Vezon.[DW] Tobduk kills the Makuta, while Mazeka, unknown to Tobduk, lets Vezon escape.[BIA]
  • Siege of Metru Nui - The Brotherhood of Makuta launches a final attempt to win the war against the Order of Mata Nui.[DW]

Alternate Universes


Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

  • A battle between the residents of Tesara and Makuta Miserix, Vortixx, Skakdi and Bone Hunters which occurs after Vezon travels to the alternate universe. As the Toa and Glatorian present run to defend the village, a Great Being freezes time and space around the battle.[RoS]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

  • The Toa Empire invades the island of Odina and occupies it, killing many of the Dark Hunters. Naho leads the attack, but secretly helps the Shadowed One to escape. She is later discovered, mutated, and put on display in the Archives.[DM]
  • In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Brutaka tries to stop Toa Bomonga, Gaaki, and Pouks from exploring Voya Nui. While the Order warrior is distracted by Gaaki and Pouks, Bomonga strikes Brutaka in the back and kills him.[DM]
  • Rebellion Against the Toa Empire - A rebellion organized by remaining members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Dark Hunters and renegade Toa and Vortixx is led against Toa Tuyet's tyrannical regime.[DM]

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

  • The Makuta attempt to evacuate with the rest of the populace, but are driven back by the Toa and the Order of Mata Nui. The alternate Takanuva then erects several light barriers to ensure that no Makuta would enter the Kingdom.[TK]
  • Hewkii and Pohatu are killed by Rahkshi whilst trying to seal off the tunnels to the Matoran Universe. Afterwards, Jaller, Tahu, and Kopaka drove them back.[TK]
  • Battle at the Light Barrier - 10,000 years after the Makuta were driven back, Toa Takanuva arrives there in his quest to reach Karda Nui, where he, the alternate Matoro and alternate Tanma confront the alternate Teridax.[TK]

Generation 2




History of Okoto

Coming of the Toa

  • Hundreds of years after Makuta's Betrayal, Skull Spiders begin to menace the Okotans.[15A]
    • Skull Spiders invade a village in the Region of Fire, causing the inhabitants to hide inside their dwellings.[15A]
    • Skull Spiders overrun a village in the Region of Jungle, with only Bingzak escaping. Vizuna finds him and drives off the Skull Spiders.[32]
    • Skull Spiders attack a village in the Region of Jungle and enslave the villagers. Vizuna and Narmoto later free the villagers and drive off the Skull Spiders.[GotT]
  • After Narmoto greets Tahu at his landing site, several Skull Spiders attack but are effortlessly defeated by Tahu.[15A]
  • While traveling through an ancient ruin, Kopaka and Izotor save four villagers from blue Skull Spiders.[GotT]
  • On a bridge in the Region of Fire, Tahu and Narmoto are ambushed by Skull Spiders, but they manage to defeat the creatures.[GotT]
  • In the Region of Jungle Vizuna and Lewa are attacked by Skull Spiders, but they escape.[GotT]
  • At the six shrines, the Protectors are overwhelmed by Skull Spiders, but the Toa recover their Golden Masks of Power and save the Protectors.[32]
  • While traveling to the City of the Mask Makers, Pohatu saves two wolf-like creatures from Skull Spiders and later encounters and frees their Skull Spider-controlled mother.[GotT]

City of the Mask Makers

  • At the City of the Mask Makers, a quarrel between Tahu and Kopaka over leadership of the team leads to a brief scuffle that is interrupted by Gali and Onua.[15A]
  • The Lord of Skull Spiders confronts the Toa, defeating several of them before they work together to overwhelm it and send it plummeting into a chasm.[32]
  • The Toa are attacked by Skull Warriors at the City Gate, but are defeated by the heroes.[15A]
  • Skull Slicer steals Lewa's Golden Mask of Jungle. The other five Toa chase Skull Slicer into the Arena, avoiding its hazards, and reclaim the mask, destroying the Arena in the process.[15A]
  • The Toa are ambushed by two Skull Scorpios in the graveyard, and Pohatu's mask is stolen. Lewa buries the Skull Scorpios under rubble and reclaims Pohatu's mask.[32]
  • At the stairs of the Temple of Creation, Skull Basher steals Onua's mask. The other five Toa unite and charge Skull Basher, knocking him unconscious.[15A]
  • The Toa and Ekimu challenge Kulta in the Mask Makers' Forge. Kulta destroys the Toa's masks with one blow, but they cling to him and distract him long enough for Ekimu to rebuild the Hammer of Power. Ekimu then defeats Kulta.[32]
  • The Protectors defeat several Skull Warriors.[33]
  • The Protectors and Harvali defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders in the caverns under the City of the Mask Makers.[33]
  • In the Skull Raiders' city, Gali challenges Axato to unarmed combat and nearly wins before the match is interrupted.[31]
  • Kulta challenges Ekimu to unarmed combat, but Ekimu borrows Onua's Earthquake Hammer and defeats Kulta.[31]

The Journey to One

  • The Toa put their new weapons and armor to the test and defeat a pack of Skull Spider-controlled Skull Warriors in the City of the Mask Makers.[JTO, Ep. 1]
  • Lewa and Uxar encounter Umarak in the Region of Jungle. Umarak briefly unites with Uxar, but Lewa frees Uxar and Umarak flees.[JTO, Ep. 1]
  • Umarak ambushes the Toa and the Elemental Creatures, and observes Pohatu's weak bond with Ketar. He then withdraws.[JTO, Ep. 2]
  • In the Labyrinth of Control, Umarak attacks Pohatu and forcibly unites with Ketar to steal the Mask of Control.[JTO, Ep. 2]
  • A village in the Region of Jungle is destroyed by Lava Beasts.[JTO, Ep. 3]
  • The Toa and the Elemental Creatures battle waves of Elemental Beasts at the gates of the Mask Makers' City.[JTO, Ep. 3]
  • Agil spies on Umarak as he retrieves the shards of the Mask of Ultimate Power, and they exchange blows before Agil withdraws.[JTO, Ep. 3]
  • The Toa, Ekimu, and Agil fight a long battle against Umarak and Elemental Beasts in the Black Crater, which ends when Umarak completes the portal to the Shadow Realm.[JTO, Ep. 4]
  • The Toa merge their elements to defeat Makuta and seal him in the Shadow Realm.[JTO, Ep. 4]

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