The Lhikan (I and II)

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The Lhikan (I and II)
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Lhikan I
Users Toa Metru
Function Transportation for the Toa
Status First: Melted down
Second: Destroyed
Pronunciation LEE-kan

The Lhikan I was a Vahki Transport used by the Toa Metru to travel to Mata Nui. The Lhikan II was used on their return trip to Metru Nui. Both were named after Toa Lhikan.


The Lhikan I afloat.

The Lhikan

The first Lhikan was an outdated model of a Vahki Transport. While stored in a Po-Metru storage room, it was stolen by the Toa Metru and piloted by Matau in their escape from Metru Nui. The Toa Metru carried six Matoran Spheres on it, strapping them to the sides of the transport and unintentionally allowing it to float. The motions of its legs acted as paddles, allowing it to move in water, though not with any notable speed or grace.

The Toa Metru used it during the Battle at the Great Barrier to evade Makuta Teridax and reach the Great Barrier with the six Matoran Spheres still in tow. During the Toa Metru's journey through the tunnels toward Mata Nui, Vakama named the transport the Lhikan, in honor of the former Toa.

During the Toa Metru's adventures in the tunnels, the Lhikan was taken by Mavrah's Kralhi and hidden away, though Vakama soon found it afterwards. The Lhikan was later abandoned on Mata Nui as it was too large and awkward to fit in the tunnels leading back underneath the island. Afterwards, it was melted down and used in the construction of the Koro of Mata Nui.

The Lhikan II

The Lhikan II beached.

The Lhikan II was made from transport parts found by Vakama and held afloat by Karzahni's still-living roots, the former having been gathered from one of Teridax's many lairs in the tunnels underneath Mata Nui and the latter having been salvaged from another tunnel. The Toa Metru used the craft to cross the Silver Sea on their rescue mission to Metru Nui. It was destroyed when a severe storm caused it to crash into a Le-Metru beach, though the Toa Metru survived.


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