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8748 Rhotuka Spinners
8748 Rhotuka.jpg
Set number 8748
Subtheme Rhotuka
Release date Winter 2005
Pieces 5
MSRP $1.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8748 Rhotuka Spinners was a collectibles pack released in 2005.

Product Description

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Spin your destiny!
Launch new BIONICLE® adventures with this special set of Rhotuka spinners. Includes 5 spinners.

*Compatible with 2005 Rahaga and Toa Hordika BIONICLE sets.

Set Information

The set includes five Rhotuka Spinners.


The different variations of the dual-colored Rhtouka


The set includes five Rhotuka spinners, one silver with a code, and four dual-colored Rhotuka. The dual-colored ones were silver and any one of twelve possible colors (the primary colors of the Toa Hordika and the secondary colors of the Visorak).