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"We needed law enforcers. Instead, we got dusty, clanking energy vampires. They should have just sent all of you to the Moto-Hub and turned you into Ussal carts."
Toa Metru Nuju, Voyage of Fear

Function Enforce the law on Metru Nui
Serve and protect Matoran
Powers Energy draining
Tools Blades
Status Destroyed
Location Onu-Metru
Great Barrier (all formerly)
Pronunciation KRAHL-hee
Set number 8601+8604+8605

Kralhi were the failed robotic predecessors to the Vahki designed by Nuparu.


The Kralhi were designed as a result of a perceived need for law enforcers in Metru Nui. Several were constructed according to Nuparu's design and began their task of enforcing rules as given by Turaga Dume. However, Matoran who were brought to justice by Kralhi were too weak to go back to work for several days, resulting in Turaga Dume ordering the robots' destruction. The Kralhi refused to be taken apart, and escaped to the lower sections of the Archives and Ko-Metru.[1] The Kralhi became known as "Nuparu's Folly."[2]

Several Kralhi left Metru Nui entirely and fled across the Silver Sea to within the Great Barrier. These escaped Kralhi formed an alliance with the self-exiled Archivist Mavrah, who used them as his personal guards and servants.[3]

During their trip to Mata Nui, the Toa Metru were spotted by six Kralhi, one of which informed Mavrah of the Toa's arrival. The Onu-Matoran then ordered the Kralhi to capture the Toa and bring them to him, convinced that they were attempting to return him to Metru Nui. The Kralhi captured each of the Toa in energy bubbles and brought them back to Mavrah.[4]

Three Kralhi stayed to guard the Toa as they awakened. When Onewa attempted to use his Kanohi Komau on Mavrah, the robots responded by launching a weakness disk at him. Mavrah sent two Kralhi to find Vakama, who had escaped using his Kanohi Huna. Vakama ambushed the Kralhi, destroying one with his Fire powers and the other with a Freeze Kanoka. Meanwhile, Onewa crushed the remaining Kralhi into a cube using the stone floor. Nuju battled another Kralhi, sealing its tail with ice as it was about to fire an energy bubble, which caused it to explode. Once reunited, the Toa Metru destroyed the majority of the Kralhi before escaping Mavrah's tunnels.[4]

Abilities and Traits

A Kralhi in set form

The Kralhi's method of deterring crimes was to create a bubble with their tail that could contain disruptive beings and drain them of their energy so that they could no longer cause trouble. However, this method often rendered the affected Matoran too weak to do any work, thus making the Kralhi ineffective.[5]

The Kralhi had a desire for self-preservation that led them to flee Dume's destruction order. Several of Mavrah's Kralhi were eager to kill.[6]

Set Information

The Kralhi can be built out of the Toa Metru sets 8601 Toa Vakama, 8604 Toa Onewa, and 8605 Toa Matau. Its upper body could swivel while a gear function caused the arms to alternately swing at the same time. The Kralhi's instructions were found in three parts, in the back of Vakama, Matau and Onewa's instruction booklets.





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