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"Also inside the suva were six disks bearing the images of the Toa Metru's masks. The Toa believe this was a sign that they were always destined to become heroes."
BIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends

Toa Disk
Vakama Symbol.pngNokama Symbol.png
Whenua Symbol.pngOnewa Symbol.png
Matau Symbol.pngNuju Symbol.png
Users Toa Metru
Function Containing Elemental Powers
Honoring Toa
Status Unknown
Location Matoran Universe
Pronunciation TOE-ah

A Le-Matoran handing Matau his Toa Disk

Upon a Matoran's transformation to a Toa, Kanoka are sometimes forged[1][2][3] for them in their honor, these being Toa Disks. Imprinted with the image of their primary mask, the disks are imbued with the said Toa's element. These are commonly used only as keepsakes, although Toa Metru Vakama was known to have used his Toa Disk on occasion. Only seven Toa Disks were ever seen, with one belonging to each Toa Metru and one belonging to Nuhrii,[4] though it was planted by the Order of Mata Nui in order to make it seem as if Nuhrii was a destined Toa.[5]


The six Toa Disks stored in the Toa Suva of the Great Temple of Ga-Metru were originally emblazoned with the Kanohi and names of the Matoran who knew the locations of the Great Disks. These names and Kanohi pictures were planted by the Order of Mata Nui to fool Makuta Teridax into thinking that the future Toa Metru were not destined to become Toa. An additional Toa Disk bearing Nuhrii's name and a Kanohi Ruru image was created to strengthen the validity of this trick.

Teridax influenced Toa Mangai Lhikan into giving the future Toa Metru their Toa Stones, unaware that he was actually fulfilling the prophecy. The Toa Metru received their Toa Disks from the Great Temple immediately after becoming Toa, at the same time as they received their Toa Tools.

During the Great Rescue, Vakama was mutated into a Toa Hordika, and his Kanoka Launcher was transformed into twin Blazer Claws. Even though he could no longer use it as a weapon, Vakama kept his Toa Disk for the duration of the crisis.

Set Information

Vakama's Toa Disk in set form

Only one Toa Disk was ever manufactured in set form. This was Toa Metru Vakama's transparent red Toa Disk, included in the 2004 Toa Vakama canister set.


  • Like other Kanoka, Toa Disks are reusable but gradually lose their power over time.[6][7][8][9]
  • Should a Toa Disk be made into a Kanohi, the resulting mask will possess the disk's elemental power.[10][11][12] For example, Toa Disks of Gravity can be forged into Kanohi Garai.[13] Few, if any, elemental masks have been made with this method.[14][15]
  • Toa Disks are level 8 Kanoka.[16][17]


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