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BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows
Video Game
Platform Game Boy Advance
Controls Game Boy Advance buttons
Release Date 2005

BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows is a BIONICLE game developed by Razorback Developments and published by THQ that was released for Game Boy Advance in 2005. This game expands on the story of BIONICLE Adventures 6: Maze of Shadows. It is also the first non-online BIONICLE RPG ever released.


After the defeat of Makuta Teridax at the hands of the Toa Metru, the Toa travel upwards to the island of Mata Nui. Finding themselves trapped, the Toa Metru try to find a way to return to the city of Metru Nui to rescue the Matoran from their deep slumber.

Toa Onewa managed to find the entrance to a cave network that, they hope, will lead back to the once great city. While venturing through the Maze of Shadows, the Toa Metru run into Rahi Nui. During the battle, Nokama is struck by the Rahi Nui's tail and is poisoned. After the battle, Vakama thinks of moving forward to Metru Nui. Whenua disagrees and starts to argue with the Toa of Fire.

The argument is interrupted by the presence of Karzahni's vines. At first confusing the vines with the Morbuzakh, Karzahni reveals itself and prevents the Toa from helping Nokama. After revealing his purpose to destroy the Toa Metru for defeating Makuta Teridax, Vakama tricks Karzahni into healing Nokama temporally. Karzahni then orders the Toa to acquire a black vial and collect a sample of Energized Protodermis from one of Teridax's lairs. The plant explains that if the Toa succeed then he will save Nokama from her illness. Vakama then decides to go on ahead and scout the area.

While Karzahni communicates telepathically with the Toa, they travel through the cave network above Metru Nui as they avoid wild Rahi that inhabit the Maze of Shadows. As they get close to an underwater lake, Matau notices that the Rahi are oddly more aggressive than the usual. Onewa then comments how, after touching their minds, the Rahi seem to be terribly afraid of something.

As the Toa pass a section full of ice, Matau starts to fly through the wide area. Mid-flight, he is suddenly startled by the appearance of a strange serpent Rahi and it chases after the Toa in a long tunnel. When the Metru reach the end of the tunnel they fight the serpent and defeat it. Onewa comments how the Rahi get more dangerous the deeper they get into the Maze, and wishes that Makuta's lair is nearby. Nokama starts to wonder if they should give the Energized Protodermis to Karzahni, Whenua then comments how Nuju thought that the Protodermis would mutate the Karzahni into something more deadly and powerful and thinks that Vakama won't give him the Energized Protodermis so easily.

The Metru soon reach a mysterious area with Bohrok that are being controlled by strange worms inside them instead of krana.[1]

The Toa soon arrive to a section filled with volcanic lava. Vakama starts to worry about how Nokama feels but the Toa of Water replies by saying that even if she felt ill, they would still have to move on. Meanwhile, Nuju asks Whenua how deep they have gone so far. Whenua responds by pointing out the ancient builds of the caves, and comments how the tunnels get older as they go deeper.

The Toa finally reach Makuta's lair and encounter several Rahi and Rahkshi guarding it. After solving the puzzles, a door leading into a tunnel opens. The tunnel leads to the door of a room with a pool of Energized Protodermis. Whenua destroys the door blocking their way and enters the chamber along with the other Toa.

As Vakama tries to collect some Protodermis, the Energized Protodermis shapes itself into a physical form and emerges out of the pool, then challenges the Toa to a battle. The Toa find out that nothing affects him, and end up fighting creatures he makes from bringing parts of the pillars holding the room up to life. After the creatures are defeated, he affords to be "generous" to the Toa and allows them to take some of the substance. As the Toa are leaving, the substance transforms into a large wave and attacks them. But Onewa saves everyone by bringing down the ceiling by destroying the last pillar with his Proto Pitons and causes rocks to fall on top of the pool.

The Toa Metru then return to Karzahni with the Energized Protodermis. Vakama prepares to give the Energized Protodermis to Karzahni, but quickly holds it back and asks for Karzahni to cure Nokama before he gives him the vial of Energized Protodermis. Karzahni accepts and gives Nokama a strange fruit which she eats and then recovers. The Toa then hands the Energized Protodermis over to Karzahni, but as Karzahni pours it on himself, fire starts to burn his body and destroys him since he is not destined to transform. A dying Karzahni mentions how the Toa didn't truly stop Teridax and that they merely slowed him, and that the Metru Nui they know has changed for worse. The plant then asks the Toa to end the life of his creator, and dies from its injuries. After the Karzahni dies, the Toa discuss about what Karzahni said about Metru Nui and proceed with their quest.


Stone Region

This level is of about tutorial difficulty, and puts the player in control of Vakama before introducing the other Toa (once he obtains a teleport disk). The Karzahni plant is also located here. Enemies in this region are about level 1-3, and generally stone or air types.

Water Region

This level takes place in a series of half-flooded underwater caverns. Le-Metru Kanoka disks are also introduced - these disks fly further and are used to hit green wall switches. The player needs Nokama to walk on water in this level. Enemies here are about level 2-3, and generally water or ice types.

Ice Region

In the frozen tunnels, Ga-Metru disks and Crystal pillars that sense Toa are introduced. The fifth stage is a chase between Matau and the Red Serpent, on the easiest course out of those playable outside story mode. If Matau outruns the Rahi, a boss fight between the Toa and the Rahi takes place. If a certain number of turns pass, the creature will "tire", prematurely ending the fight if it has not been defeated by then. Enemies in this region are about level 2-5 and mostly ice or earth types (excluding the Red Serpent).

Earth Region

This level takes place in underground tunnels swarming with (presumably rogue) Bohrok. The player is introduced to Onewa's mask power, which can control Rahi to move them onto special switches. Whenua's mask power is often needed to pass through extremely dark areas. Enemies here are about level 3-6, and generally earth types or Bohrok.

Fire Region

This segment is set in boiling hot magma tunnels. In this level the player has to constantly use Vakama for walking on the lava. Manas are introduced. Enemies here are about level 4-7, and generally fire types.

Makuta's Lair

This level takes place in Makuta's lair, and enemies from all past levels reappear, in addition to the Rahkshi who guard the lair. Once the player completes the penultimate section, the player arrives at the door to the Energized Protodermis room, which Whenua cracks open with his drills. Inside, the Toa confront the invincible Energized Protodermis Entity, which forms three of the pillars into very powerful rock creatures which the player must defeat consecutively. Once they are defeated, the final cutscene plays. Enemies here are generally level 6-10 (excluding the Entity), and come in all elemental varieties. Should players load their game having defeated the Energized Protodermis Entity, they will be restored to their last save before the fight.


Toa Abilities

  • Vakama: He is able to walk on lava and use his Mask of Concealment to keep enemies from seeing and attacking the player.
  • Nuju: He is able to walk on ice and use his Mask of Telekinesis to levitate blocks onto pads.
  • Matau: He is able to destroy electrical obstacles that cannot be destroyed by Ta-Metru disks and is able to fly over large gaps.
  • Nokama: She is able to walk on water and translate walls with strange symbols.
  • Whenua: He is able to destroy large stone blocks and walk in dark places.
  • Onewa: He is able to scale the sides of cliffs, control Rahi with his Mask of Mind Control to flip switches and temporarily disable them, and he can use his tools to jump over low walls.

Disk Types

  • Ta-Metru disks: Flies short range, able to destroy obstacles and able to hit disk switches.
  • Le-Metru disks: Long ranged, used for disk switches on walls that are too far away for a Ta-Metru disk.
  • Ga-Metru disks: Medium range, used for disk switches that are in areas that are too hard for Ta-Metru and Le-Metru disks to reach. They can be directed with the directional pad while airborne.


The player can choose from two modes to play in.

Story mode: the player goes through the game.

Battle mode: The player fights an unending battle against Rahi.


  • Directional Pad - Movement
  • A button - Throw disk
  • B button - Use special power
  • R button - Cycle Disks; save
  • L button - Cycle through Toa Metru


Maze of Shadows uses a turn based battle system. The player fights Rahi one at a time with with his/her currently selected Toa, who can be switched during the battle. Disks are the main weapon used in battle, but the player can also use each Toa's tool and mask power. Some tool and mask powers do not directly affect the Rahi, but instead boost the Toa's stats temporarily. After each battle the player receives a number of experience points, which are given to each Toa used in the battle. After a Toa gains a certain amount of experience points, they learn a new attack.

Mini Games

The featured mini game is the Tunnel Flight Challenge. In it, the player plays as Matau, trying to escape the Red Serpent and make it to the end of the tunnel. There are three different tunnels to choose from, each varying in length. The mini game is also played during the third level of the game in Story Mode, but the player has to win to proceed. In the multi-player version of the Tunnel Flight Challenge, the second player plays as a Nui-Rama.



Disk Powers

  • Standard: Powerless
  • Shrink: Makes enemies weaker, but harder to hit
  • Enlarge: Makes enemies stronger, but easier to hit
  • Time Control: Slows down enemies
  • Teleport: May teleport an enemy and end the battle with it
  • Reconstitute: Lowers most of the enemies health and either makes them weaker or stronger to the player's element
  • Weaken: Weakens the enemy
  • Freeze: Freezes enemy for a few turns (varies between enemies)

Toa Tools

  • Vakama
    • Power Shot: Improves disk attacks
    • Heatwave: Damages enemy for a few turns and causes it to lose use points
    • Molten Floor: Weakens enemy defense and cannot be dodged by land enemies
    • Fireball: A blast of fire that damages enemies
  • Nokama
    • Wall of Water: Lowers enemy damage from attacks for three turns
    • Air Slice: May scare enemy to leave it defenseless and unable to attack for a few random turns
    • Water Spout: Damages enemy and lifts it off the ground
    • Tidal Wave: Damages enemy and cannot be dodged
  • Whenua
    • Sonic Blast: Damages and sometimes dazes enemy
    • Mudslide: Makes enemies unable to dodge
    • Tunnel: Tunnels below the enemy and attacks on the next turn. If it's an enemy's turn, it will not hit the player
    • Fissure: Damages enemy and sometimes instantly stuns it by falling through the crack made
  • Matau
    • Flying Attack: The player flies above the enemy and attacks from the sky on the next turn; if it's an enemy's turn, it will not hit the player
    • Air Blast: Damages the enemy hard with air
    • Cyclone: Confuses and damages enemy
    • Tornado: Does severe damage to flying enemies
  • Onewa
    • Rock Throw: May confuse an enemy and damages it
    • Rock Slide: Damages enemy with many small hits
    • Rock Wall: Blocks any enemy attack for two turns
    • Earthquake: Shakes enemy to the ground, damaging it
  • Nuju
    • Freeze Ray: May freeze an enemy and damage it
    • Cold Snap: Slows enemy down
    • Blizzard: Damages enemy with a lot of small hits and may freeze the enemy
    • Avalanche: Damages all enemies in current battle

Mask Power

  • Vakama: Reduces enemy accuracy
  • Nokama: Confuses enemy and causes enemy attacks to sometimes rebound on itself
  • Onewa: Makes enemy fall asleep ("wakes" up after one hit) or paralyzes (lasts a bit longer than making enemies sleep)
  • Nuju: Lifts enemy up and drops it. Does more damage if enemy has more stun points
  • Whenua: Higher chance to causing critical damage to the enemy
  • Matau: Higher chance of dodging


Item Description
Karzahni Sap: Heals the player by a small amount
Karzahni Super Sap: Heals player by most of their hit points
Karzahni Roots: Restores a small amount of uses to a disk, tool, or mask power
Karzahni Super Roots: Restores all uses to a disk, tool, or mask power
Karzahni Super Mix: Restores most of the player's health and restores all uses to either a disk, tool, or mask power
Regeneration disk:
  • Onu-Metru disk: Heals the player by a small amount
  • Po-Metru disk: Heals the player by most of their health and deflect the enemy's next attack
Remove Poison disk: Used for curing poison inflicted on the player


  • Foot Switches: Switches that can be activated by moving the Toa over them
  • Crate Switches: Switches that can only be activated by dropping a crate onto them
  • Rahi Switches: Switches that can only be activated by moving a Rahi over them with Onewa's mask power
  • Disk Switches: Switches that can be activated by shooting a disk at them; the disk that must be used to activate it indicated by the switch's color


  • Weakened Walls and Pillars: Objects that can be broken by Whenua's tools
  • Barriers: Objects that can be destroyed by Ta-Metru disks
  • Energy Barriers: Objects that can be destroyed by Matau's tools
  • Crates: Objects that can be lifted and moved by Nuju's mask; they often need to be set down onto switches
  • Climbing Walls: Walls that can only be climbed by Onewa using his tools to reach new areas
  • Gaps: Gaps that may be jumped over by anyone
  • Large Gaps: Gaps that are larger than normal ones and can only be jumped over by Matau


  • Healing Pillars: Restores all stats to every Toa; found in numerous places
  • Security Pillars: A pillar of crystal that changes colors; (When the player is at a certain range, it will turn red and either a door will close or enemies will spawn from an opening, when the player uses Vakama's mask, it will turn green and a door will open) found in numerous places after Level 3


  • Glyph Walls: Walls that can be translated by Nokama's mask; either open doorways or indicate a sequence of switches that must be activated in a certain order

Elemental Weakness

This list helps identify what enemies of a certain element are weak and strong against

  • Fire is weak against Water and strong against Ice
  • Ice is weak against Fire and strong against Earth
  • Earth is weak against Ice and strong against Stone
  • Stone is weak against Earth and strong against Air
  • Air is weak against Stone and strong against Water
  • Water is weak against Air and strong against Fire


  • Dazed - Cannot perform any actions for one turn
  • Confused - May attack self; will wear off after a certain amount of turns
  • Sleep - Cannot perform any actions until attacked
  • Paralyzed - Cannot perform any actions for a certain amount of turns
  • Scared - May be unable to perform any actions for a certain amount of turns
  • Poisoned - Some Stun Points will be lost each turn; cured with a Remove Poison Disk
  • Caught - Cannot attack for a certain amount of turns; enemy will continue to do damage on player
  • Frozen - Cannot attack for a certain amount of turns; some Stun Points will be lost each turn
  • Stunned - Stun Points have reached 0; cannot attack anymore unless healed


These are the enemies that the player will encounter throughout the game and what kind of element they are based on. Enemy levels are also based on what level the Toa Metru are; if they are level 10 the enemies will be harder.

Enemy Name Element Strengths Weaknesses Normal Attack Special Attack Unique Item Drop
Energized Protodermis None None None None Taunt None
Living Wall Stone ? ? Smash
Bear Hug
Roar None
Tahnok Fire High Stun Points Low Speed Head Strike
Shield Smash
Fire Ball Ga-Metru Teleport Disk
Gahlok Water High Stun Points Low Speed Head Strike
Shield Smash
Water Spout Ga-Metru Teleport Disk
Lehvak Air High Stun Points Low Speed Head Strike
Shield Smash
Acid Spray Ga-Metru Teleport Disk
Pahrak Stone High Stun Points Low Speed Head Strike
Shield Smash
Seismic Shockwave Ga-Metru Teleport Disk
Nuhvok Earth High Stun Points Low Speed Head Strike
Shield Smash
Tunnel Ga-Metru Teleport Disk
Kohrak Ice High Stun Points Low Speed Head Strike
Shield Smash
Cold Snap Ga-Metru Teleport Disk
Turahk Fire High Stun Points Low Speed Staff Strike
Staff Twirl
Fear Ta-Metru Time Control Disk
Guurahk Water High Stun Points Low Speed Staff Strike
Staff Twirl
Expose Weakness Ta-Metru Time Control Disk
Lerahk Earth High Stun Points Low Speed Staff Strike
Staff Twirl
Poison Touch Ta-Metru Time Control Disk
Panrahk Stone High Stun Points Low Speed Staff Strike
Staff Twirl
Explosion Ta-Metru Time Control Disk
Vorahk Earth High Stun Points Low Speed Staff Strike
Staff Twirl
Drain Ta-Metru Time Control Disk
Kurahk Ice High Stun Points Low Speed Staff Strike
Staff Twirl
Blind Rage Ta-Metru Time Control Disk
Dragon Lizard Fire Strong Defense Against Special Attacks Weak Defense Against Normal Attacks Head Strike Lava Splash Ta-Metru Enlarge Disk
Fikou Earth Strong Special Attacks Weak Normal Attacks Poison Bite Entangle Onu-Metru Remove Poison Disk Disk
Frost Leech Ice String Special Attacks Weak Normal Attacks Nip Leech None
Graalok Ash Bear Earth High Stun Points Low Speed Claw Swipe
Bear Hug
Roar Ta-Metru Enlarge Disk
Kavinika Ice High Stun Points Weak Special Attacks Bite
Howl Ta-Metru Freeze Disk
Keras Water Strong Defense Against Normal Attacks Low Speed Claw Swipe Scuttle
Water Spout
Po-Metru Freeze Disk
Kinloka Stone Strong Normal Attacks Low Stun Points Tail Swipe
Ta-Metru Weaken Disk
None Ta-Metru Weaken Disk
Kirikori Nui Air High Speed Low Stun Points Nip Chirrup Onu-Metru Shrink Disk
Kofo-Jaga Fire High Speed Low Stun Points Claw Nip Flame Blast None
Nui-Jaga Stone Strong Normal Attacks Low Speed Claw Swipe
Claw Fury
Stinger Shot Ta-Metru Basic Disk
Nui-Kopen Air High Speed Weak Normal Attacks Bite String
Flying Attack
Ko-Metru Reconstitute Disk
Nui-Rama Air High Speed Weak Normal Attacks Claw Swipe Flying Attack
Makika Stone Strong Normal Attacks Low Speed Tongue Lash Venom Spit Onu-Metru Regenerate Disk
Manas Fire Strong Normal Attacks Low Speed Claw Swipe Heat Wave
Molten Floor
Ga-Metru Time Control Disk
Red Serpent None None None Poison Bite
Eye Beams
Molten Floor None
Takea Water Strong Normal Attacks Low Speed Bite Thrash Onu-Metru Reconstitute Disk
Tarakava Water High Stun Points Low Speed Punch, Fury Wall of Water Le-Metru Teleport Disk
Vako Earth High Speed Weak Defense Against Normal Attacks Horn Charge Tunnel Po-Metru Basic Disk
Waikiru Ice High Stun Points Low Speed Tusk Charge Blizzard Po-Metru Freeze Disk


  • A contest was held by book author Greg Farshtey in April 2005 in which the participants were asked to come up with a reason as to why there were Bohrok in the game and why they had worms instead of krana. The winner was InnerRayg, whose idea was that the worms broke into the Bohrok Nests and took control of the Bohrok shells. The contest topic can be found here.
  • In the game, the Takea sharks have clawed arms, all Bohrok carry Stone Shields, and all the Rahkshi carry Staffs of Anger.
  • In the game, the Energized Protodermis Entity is appeared to have the upper-half of Teridax's 2003 set incarnation, with a pillar of Energized Protodermis from the waist down, while it was described to resemble a Toa Metru in the book. The book version is considered the canonical form the entity took during the encounter.

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