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"As unscientific as it seemed to a veteran Archivist, the atmosphere of these tunnels felt evil. Even if he ignored the carvings of bizarre Rahi, and the twisted creatures that crawled and flew past him, he could not escape the fact that monstrous things had been done in this place."
Whenua's thoughts, Maze of Shadows

Maze of Shadows

An area outside Mangaia in the Maze of Shadows
Status Dismantled
Inhabitants None
Population None
Position Above Metru Nui
Below Mata Nui

The Maze of Shadows was the complex and extensive system of tunnels and caves extending from Mata Nui to Metru Nui. After the former's destruction, the cave system remained in place.


The Maze of Shadows was created by the Great Beings over 100,000 years ago inside Mata Nui's head. Conduits of Energized Protodermis were placed inside the walls of the tunnels that activated when he landed, creating an island that acted as a camouflage system. When time came for Mata Nui's departure, the Bohrok housed inside the nests in the Maze would awake and ascend to the island above through the same tunnels to cleanse it of life.

When Teridax was assigned by Miserix to supervise Metru Nui, he used this area to house many of his lairs and a number of vaults, inside which he stored items of various kinds, from flawed masks to the Spear of Fusion. He also placed a pool of Energized Protodermis in his main lair which he often experimented with to create new creatures. When the creatures did not satisfy him, he usually banished them in the tunnels; others he placed to guard his lairs.

Sometime before the Great Cataclysm, Teridax created the Karzahni to drive the Matoran of Metru Nui towards the Coliseum. However, it proved too willful and ambitious for his plans and so he abandoned it, replacing it with the Morbuzakh. The Karzahni settled itself into a chamber that was part of the network, interlacing itself very deeply with the rock walls of the cavern and manifesting itself as moss growing on the walls of the tunnels around it. Eventually it gained dominance over many of the mutant Rahi Teridax had exiled. Soon after, a member of the Order of Mata Nui wandered inside these tunnels and was captured by the plant, who forced him to reveal the existence of the organization before killing him.

When Mata Nui crashed on Aqua Magna, some of the conduits in the tunnel walls broke. The Energized Protodermis that they held leaked into the tunnels, reached the surface, and transformed the island above.[1]

Shortly after, in response to the Visorak invasion of Metru Nui, many of the Rahi there fled throughout these tunnels, often dying along the way. The surviving ones made up the Rahi fauna of the island of Mata Nui. It was one of these fleeing Rahi, a Nui-Jaga, which made Toa Metru Onewa realize that the tunnels might extend to Metru Nui.

During their journey through the tunnels, the Toa Metru battled a Kranua. Matau was attacked by the Red Serpent. The Toa Metru encountered a chamber containing sleeping Bohrok controlled by worm-like Rahi. The Toa then fought the Rahi Nui. This last enemy wounded Nokama fatally, forcing her teammates to make a deal with Karzahni, that offered to heal Nokama in exchange for a sample of Energized Protodermis. To accomplish this task, the Toa (along with Nokama, who had been temporarily healed) journeyed along the tunnels, encountering a Kratana before Vakama incinerated it, retrieving a vial to contain the dangerous substance and a number of Kanoka Disks, and battling many former guardians of Teridax, which were also fleeing to Mata Nui, along the way. Eventually they reached one of Teridax's lairs, and confronted the Energized Protodermis, which refused to give away a part of its substance, choosing instead to fight the Toa. After a short battle, the Toa destroyed the pool and escaped with the substance. Forced by Vakama to keep its word, the Karzahni cured Nokama but when it exposed itself to the substance, it was destroyed.[2]

After reaching the Silver Sea, the Toa Metru searched the tunnels for a way to cross it. It was Vakama who found in an abandoned lair of Teridax the parts of a Vahki transport the Toa used to build their boat, which they made seaworthy using logs coming from the dead Karzahni.

Later, after rescuing the Matoran, the Toa Metru used the tunnels to reach Mata Nui on their Airships. The same tunnels were used by Vakama to reach the island after having retrieved the Kanohi Vahi.

When the Toa Mata descended in the tunnels to reach Mangaia, they faced and defeated the Manas Teridax was using as guardians. The crabs fled along the tunnel network, eventually settling in Onu-Wahi. Takua the Chronicler also used these tunnels to reach Mangaia and subsequently the Bohrok Nests.

When Teridax awoke the Bohrok, the machines used these tunnels to ascend to the island of Mata Nui. The same tunnels were then used by the Toa Mata to make the reverse trip. After battling some Bohrok and escaping traps created by the Bahrag, the Toa defeated these two entities. In the process, they fell inside the Energized Protodermis conduits, becoming Toa Nuva. After the fight, the nests and the tunnels leading to them collapsed. Some of the rubble was later melted by Pahrak-Kal to reach the Bahrag.

When Toa Takanuva descended into Mangaia, he used the Ussanui to make this journey. Hahli later summoned the Turaga, the Toa Nuva and the Matoran to Mangaia, where they witnessed the creation of Takutanuva and the opening of the gate which led to Metru Nui. Following this re-discovery, the Matoran used the tunnels to descend to the shores of the Silver Sea with the boats to sail across it.

Some time later, a band of Skakdi entered Mangaia to loot it. Pursued by the Mana Ko residing in Mangaia, they fled to the island of Mata Nui through the tunnel leading to Kini-Nui.

The tunnels were used once more by the Bohrok, as well as by the Toa Nuva, to reach Mata Nui. The Bohrok caused the Rahi living on the island, along with Kardas, to flee along the maze back to Metru Nui.

When Mata Nui was destroyed, the tunnels survived. They were used by a band of Ta-Matoran to try to reach the island.

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, the tunnels, along with all other locations, were dismantled.[3][4]


The tunnels making up the Maze of Shadows were very different in shape and size. Some were as large and high as half the Coliseum, others much smaller. Occasionally they were straight, but they often twist, turn and fork. Sometimes they were interrupted by caverns or chasms, often spanned by stone bridges.

The walls of the tunnels werre carved with images and writings related to the Bohrok.

On the island of Mata Nui the entrances to the Maze of Shadows were located all around the island, though mostly in Po-Wahi and Onu-Wahi. The Kini-Nui also housed an entrance which led to Mangaia. On Metru Nui, the entrances to the tunnels were located in the Great Barrier.


The largest lair of Teridax located in this region, Mangaia spanned an area under the Kini-Nui and the Mangai Volcano. It was made of a large cavern of which the roof was once supported by pillars, which were destroyed during the fight between Takanuva and Teridax. In the center there was once a pool of Energized Protodermis, which was destroyed by the Order of Mata Nui.

A long tunnel with many ramifications connected Mangaia to the Kini-Nui . From Mangaia departed also another tunnel which was closed by an enormous and very heavy gate and that led to the shore of the Silver Sea.

Bohrok Nests

The Maze of Shadows encompassed many Bohrok Nests, which housed the sleeping Bohrok. They were large caverns filled with cylinders, each containing a sleeping Bohrok. The tunnels were distributed over the entirety of the tunnel network. Some of them, which had been discovered by the Archivists, were located under Metru Nui.

The nests could be reached from every part of the Maze of Shadows. The nest which housed the Bahrag was made of a large cavern with carvings which could house the forty-eight varieties of krana. Placing the krana in the carvings causes six tunnels to open, where the Bahrag resided and where there were once located six suits of Exo-Toa. This particular nest collapsed, but the rubble was melted by Pahrak-Kal.

A nest can also be accessed by Mangaia, and could be exited through a portal which led to Ta-Wahi Beach.


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