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Toa Norik
8763 Toa Norik.jpg
Special Edition Medium Set
Set number 8763
Subtheme Toa Hagah
Release date Late-2005
Pieces 53
Ages 7+

Set 8763 Toa Norik is a special edition medium set released in late 2005, portraying Toa Norik, the Toa Hagah of Fire.

Product Description

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One of the greatest Toa of all!
Toa Norik was one of the most heroic and wise leaders the universe has ever seen. With his lava spear and power of fire, he dared to challenge evil forces beyond imagination. His Mask of Diminishment allowed him to shrink out of sight while retaining his full strength. His Rhotuka spinner could slow down a foe long enough for Norik to defeat him!

*Pull the ripcord to launch the Rhotuka spinner up to 50 feet in the air!

Set Info

The Toa Norik set was released as one of two Toa Hagah sets in late 2005. It contains 53 pieces.

The set was originally intended to represent Toa Dume.[1]

Due to a production error in the center pinhole of some shield pieces, which caused the Rhotuka launching mechanism to not function, a correction note was included in later releases of the set, instructing the builder to flip the shield around.



The set contains a silver Great Kanohi Pehkui shaped like a Noble Kanohi Kiril, as well as one dark red and one silver Rhotuka spinner, the latter featuring a code written on the side.



  • The shield is assembled differently between the promotional material and the instructions themselves. The instructions show the shield being attached parallel with the launcher's ripcord, yet the container image, that carries over to the instruction cover, and product images show the shield mounted perpendicular to the ripcord.


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