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"Now the Toa of Ice's mask was glowing as well. Suddenly, great stones tore lose from one wall of the prison cell. The rocks flew rapidly across the room to form a wall between Onewa and Whenua."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

Kanohi Matatu.png
Title Mask of Telekinesis
Powers Telekinesis
Component disks Teleport
Bearers Nuju
Pronunciation MAH-tat-too

The Kanohi Matatu is the Mask of Telekinesis. It allows its user to move targets within their range of view by utilizing the power of thought and lets them project Psionic force. This power grants the user the ability to perform other such feats like generating telekinetic attacks. The only difference between the Great and Noble versions is the power's duration and the mental strength afforded by the mask.

Kanohi Matatu were made from Teleport and Shrink Kanoka on Metru Nui.[1]

Example Usages

A Great Kanohi Matatu in action



  • Nuju - Formerly; became Great when he transformed into a Toa Metru
  • Kazi


  • Turaga Vakama - Former secondary mask; destroyed during the sinking of Ta-Koro
  • Turaga Nokama - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Matau - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Onewa - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Whenua - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Nuju - Primary mask
  • The Toa Mata - Former secondary masks; lost when they became Toa Nuva; now with the Turaga
Onua's Noble Kanohi Matatu in action



A Great Kanohi Matatu in BIONICLE Heroes
Concept art of a Hordika-mutated Great Matatu
Picture Description
Matoran Nuju Kanohi.PNG A Matoran Kanohi Matatu in Great form with a telescopic lens, as seen in Legends of Metru Nui
Set Great Kanohi Matatu.png A Great Kanohi Matatu with a telescopic lens
Set Matatu Hordika.png A Great Kanohi Matatu with a telescopic lens mutated by Hordika Venom
MatatuNoble.png A Noble Kanohi Matatu without a telescopic lens


  • Nuju's mask had a telescopic and heat-sensing eyepiece installed in it by Vakama.[2] It continued to function even while Nuju was a Toa Hordika. The eyepiece, however, disappeared when Nuju became a Turaga. It was most likely lost due to damage to the mask.[OGD]

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