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"The lead Kikanalo gave an angry snort as it closed in on Nokama. The Toa of Water responded with a similar sound."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

Kanohi Rau.png
Title Mask of Translation
Powers Speaking/Understanding other languages
Component disks Remove Poison
Bearers Nokama
Pronunciation RAOW[1]

The Kanohi Rau is the Mask of Translation. The Great version allows its user to understand and speak in almost any written or spoken language within the Matoran Universe. The Noble version only lets the user understand writing, runes, and symbols. Both versions enable the user to comprehend the meaning behind carvings.

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Rau are made from Remove Poison and Enlarge Kanoka.[2]

A Great Kanohi Rau in action

Example Usages



  • Dalu
  • Nokama - Formerly; became Great when she transformed into a Toa Metru
  • A Matoran of Karzahni


  • Turaga Vakama - Former secondary mask; destroyed during the sinking of Ta-Koro
  • Turaga Nokama - Primary mask
  • Turaga Matau - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Onewa - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Whenua - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Nuju - Secondary mask
  • The Toa Mata - Former secondary masks; lost when they became Toa Nuva, now with the Turaga
A Noble Kanohi Rau in action


A Great Kanohi Rau in BIONICLE Heroes
Picture Description
Matoran Nokama Kanohi.PNG A Matoran Kanohi Rau in Great form, as seen in Legends of Metru Nui
Rau Great.png A Great Kanohi Rau
Set Rau Hordika.png A Great Kanohi Rau mutated by Hordika Venom
RauNoble.png A Noble Kanohi Rau


  • The LEGO Group produced a foam mask in the shape of Nokama's Rau after it was mutated by Hordika Venom.[3]


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