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8758 Tower of Toa
Set number 8758
Subtheme Visorak/Toa Hordika
Release date Winter 2005
Pieces 410
MSRP $49.99 (US)
29.99 (UK)
Ages 7+

Set 8758 Tower of Toa was a play set released in 2005 portraying the attack on the Tower of Toa.

Product Description

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Defend the Tower of Toa!
The Toa Hordika have captured a Visorak tower and turned it into a mighty fortress, complete with special Kanohi mask gateway charged with elemental powers to repel the spider creatures.

*Includes Kahgarak with blunt shooter to knock over the tower, hidden doors, Rhotuka spinner launcher, 7 mini Visorak figures and 6 mini Toa Hordika figures.
*Includes glow-in-the-dark elements!

Set Information

The set contains a Kahgarak model and twelve minifigures: the six Toa Hordika and six Visorak.


Tower of Toa features two blunt shooters to enact battles with.


The set includes a large black Kanohi Kiril-shaped gate, a golden Kanohi Kraahkan, that serves as the head of the Kahgarak, and the Toa Hordika's Combat Staffs.



  • The set was originally going to be titled Tower of Visorak.[1]


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