Visorak Battle Ram

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"What is that? It looks like a ram for battering down walls."
"Well, it could be the worst news we've had today... or it may be the answer to all our problems.
Toa Hordika Matau and Nokama, Hanging by a Thread

Visorak Battle Ram
Xian Visorak Battle Ram.png
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Visorak
Function Siege weapon
Status Out of production
Pronunciation Vih-SOAR-ack
Set number 8757

Visorak Battle Rams were war machines designed to be pulled by Visorak.


A Visorak Battle Ram in the streets of Metru Nui
Stylized artwork of a battle between the Toa Hordika and a Battle Ram

Visorak Battle Rams were manufactured on the industrial island of Xia.

When Makuta Teridax ordered Sidorak and Roodaka to occupy Metru Nui, Roodaka organized the transportation of several battle rams to the island city. There, they were used by the Visorak to invade and conquer various areas of Metru Nui.

Toa Hordika Matau and Nokama once hitched a ride underneath one of these battle rams in an attempt to sneak into the Coliseum. They were discovered by Roodaka when she examined the ram and heard Nokama whispering. She then told the Visorak to burn the ram, claiming that there was a malfunction. Upon arriving at the furnace, Matau created a tornado to bring him and Nokama to safety, crashing the battle ram and its Visorak drivers in the process.[C27]


Each Visorak Battle Rams possessed a powerful battering ram, which was used to forcefully break into fortified establishments. Battle Rams were incapable of independent movement, and were instead pulled by a number of Visorak.

Each ram also had a catapult, which were used to launch giant, flaming boulders.

Set Information

The Visorak Battle Ram as a set, staged in a battle against the Toa Hordika

8757 Visorak Battle Ram was released as one of the four playsets of 2005. The set also featured minifigures of the six Toa Hordika and a Visorak from each of the six breeds. A Visorak minifigure could be mounted on the golden Keelerak-shaped ram. The top of the ram also featured a catapult that could fling flaming boulders.


Promotional artwork of a Battle Ram
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