Rhotuka Spinner Challenge

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Rhotuka Spinner Challenge
Rhotuka Spinner Challenge Main Screen.png
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Mouse

The Rhotuka Spinner Challenge was an online game based off the 2005 Rhotuka set feature.

Arena Challenge


If the player selected "Arena Challenge", the game would choose a random BIONICLE.com user for the opponent, and the player's pre-arranged Arena Strategy will be matched against the opponent's. The player's Attack choices was compared to the opponents Defenses, and vice-versa. A "Low" Attack would be blocked by a "Low" defense, but would get past a "High" or a "Medium", and so on. The player could either watch the battle or skip forward to the results.

Arena Strategy

To play in Arena Challenge, or be chosen for another player's Arena Challenge, the player had to set up an Arena Strategy. The player chose his area (USA, Europe, or Asia), a character, attack/defense strategies, and a taunt. The Arena Strategy was used for Arena Challenges, and could be edited at any time.


The player's profile included wins, losses, draws, and total battles.

Attack and Defense

The player then chose six attack moves and six defense moves, choosing from High, Medium, and Low for each.


The player would also choose a taunt to say if victorious at the end of the battle.

Toa Hordika

  • "Metru Nui will never be yours!"
  • "Crawl back into your holes!"
  • "We'll crush you like the insects you are!"
  • "Run away, bugs, Roodaka is calling!"
  • "You're a horde of cowards!"
  • "You'll make some bird a fine meal!"
  • "You couldn't conquer a crafter's hut!"
  • "Why don't you stick to menacing flies!"
  • "Hope you're going to clean up all this web when you leave!"
  • "Foul monsters!"


  • "There is nowhere you can run!"
  • "The horde rules all!"
  • "For Sidorak and conquest!"
  • "Do you like your new shapes, Hordika?"
  • "You will make good beasts!"
  • "We will let you live and suffer."
  • "No one defeats the Visorak!"
  • "How does it feel to be doomed, Toa?"
  • "First, you will be Hordika... and then the Matoran!"
  • "Toa are weaklings and cowards!"


  • Mouse - Navigate through menus
  • Left Click - Select different options


The player must choose a character, either a Visorak or a Toa Hordika. At first, only four of each group is available. To unlock the others, the player must battle another player that has already unlocked the locked characters.

Toa Hordika