Kanoka Launcher

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Kanoka Launcher
Toa Tool

Users Matoran of Metru Nui
Dark Hunters
Function Launching Kanoka
Status In use
Kanoka Launcher
Toa Tool

Users Toa Metru Vakama (formerly)
Function Launching Kanoka
Channeling his Fire powers
Serving as a jetpack
Status Destroyed

The Kanoka Launcher is a tool that was commonly used by the Matoran of Metru Nui to launch Kanoka Disks. Almost all the Matoran in Metru Nui carried a Kanoka Launcher and a Kanoka with them either for protection or use in sports (such as Akilini). The robotic enforcers of Metru Nui, the Vahki, also had Kanoka Launchers, which were built into their headpiece. When the Toa Metru left Metru Nui, the launchers were left behind.

Large boats crafted on the island of Stelt have Kanoka Launchers built into them as defensive weapons.

Vakama's Kanoka Launcher

Vakama using his launcher as a jetpack

As a Toa Metru, Vakama carried a specialized Kanoka Launcher as his Toa Tool. He selected it because the familiar weapon gave him a sense of comfort in his new body.[1] Some of the other Toa, particularly Matau, ridiculed him for choosing an oversized Matoran weapon, but it proved its worth in its versatility.

Vakama could mentally trigger his Kanoka launcher's special ability to be used as a flight pack.[2][3][note 1]

The Kanoka Launcher was mutated into a pair of Blazer Claws when Vakama became a Toa Hordika, but was transformed back into its original form when Vakama was cured by Keetongu. It was later damaged beyond repair by the Shadowed One during the Battle for the Kanohi Vahi, and was replaced with the Firestaff Vakama brought with him from Metru Nui.

Example Usage

In "Toa Metru!", Nuhrii used his Kanoka launcher to fire an enlarging Kanoka at a Morbuzakh holding Vakama hostage. The Morbuzakh was unable to adjust to its new size, and released the Toa.

Vakama used his Kanoka Launcher to launch Freeze Kanoka at the Morbuzakh in "Toa Metru!". He also used its jetpack function to escape from a squad of Vahki in "Enemies of Metru Nui".


Set Information

A Kanoka Launcher in set form
Vakama's Kanoka Launcher in set form
Life-sized foam version of Vakama's Launcher

Silver Kanoka Launchers could be found in the six Matoran, six Vahki, Toa Vakama, Krekka, Nidhiki and promotional Ultimate Dume sets of 2004. In these sets, the Kanoka Launchers are plastic pieces with a bendable plastic extension at the back edge of two forks that hold the disk. In order to launch the Kanoka disk, the launcher is squeezed on its sides. One Kanoka Launcher is included in every Kanoka pack, in one of the six colors of the Toa Metru. The Vahki and Nidhiki sets featured Kanoka Launchers specially designed as a component of their heads. The Toa Vakama set featured a Kanoka Launcher with flame decorations on either side. It could attach to pins on his back either for storage or as a jetpack. The left mandible of the Kanoka Launchers featured a small dent that, when aligned with one of the indents on the Kanoka disks, allowed them to spin launched.

A life-sized foam version of Vakama's Disk Launcher was also released. This version could be handheld and one could use it to fire foam disks resembling Vakama's Toa Disk. The launcher could hold unused disks in storage compartments and came packaged with four disks.


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  1. Greg Farshtey has on few occasions stated that the flight pack required active focus and relied on Vakama channeling his fire powers through it.[4][5][6][7] This however contradicts how the pack's function is portrayed in the story.

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