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"The appearance of a Zivon is a good sign that it is time to move elsewhere."
Rahaga Norik, Rahi Beasts

Rahi specimen
Powers Blind Rhotuka
Deafen Rhotuka
Mute Rhotuka
Numb Rhotuka
Status Alive
Location Zone of Darkness
Pronunciation ZEE-vahn[1]
Set 8742+8743+8744+8745+8746+8747 Zivon (instructions)

The Zivon is an enormous predatory Rahi that resides in the Zone of Darkness.


Promotional artwork of the Zivon

The only known specimen of Zivon was created by the Brotherhood of Makuta and placed in the Zone of Darkness.[1][2][3]

The Zivon was summoned to the ruined city of Metru Nui by Sidorak shortly after the Great Cataclysm, in an effort to destroy the Toa Hordika once and for all. However, it was thwarted by the appearance of a Tahtorak and the Shapeshifting Rahi named Krahka. The Tahtorak began fighting with the Zivon when it tried to charge towards Vakama, and threw the Zivon at Sidorak, Nuju, Whenua and Nokama, who all managed to avoid it. In the climax of the battle, a Kahgarak fired a Rhotuka spinner at Tahtorak, but Krahka rammed herself into the Zivon, forcing all three of them to be in physical contact when the spinner struck. As a result, all three were sucked into the Zone of Darkness.[4]

Abilities and Traits

Summoned through Kahgarak's Rhotuka spinners, the Zivon is thirty-five[5] feet tall and has a ferocious appearance. It has a pair of powerful mandibles; a hard shell; two large claws; and four Rhotuka spinners, each assigned to a different launcher: one on its head, which causes blindness, one on his back, which causes numbness, one in its right arm, which causes deafness, and one on its left arm, which causes muteness.[6][1] It also has six legs that can shoot webbing to entangle foes, and it had a powerful tail stinger, which the Tahtorak of Metru Nui later snapped off.[7] The Zivon's head resembles a Visorak's, while its claws are crablike, and its stinger is similar to that of a Nui-Jaga.[1][8]

The Zivon was summoned whenever the Visorak hordes needed an extremely powerful force. The Rahi fought only to protect its main food source, the Visorak. If the Zivon is forced into battle with something as large as it, it uses its claws to grip the opponent while repeatedly stinging it. After a victory, the Rahi will often consume Visorak allies in celebration, causing the spiders to hate and fear the Zivon.[8]

Fire and smoke can sometimes deter, though not defeat, this Rahi.[8]

Set Information

The Zivon can be built using parts from all six Visorak sets. Its instructions were released in a 2005 Brickmaster magazine. Pressing down on either of its claws causes them to pinch together, just as pressing down on its head causes its mandibles to do the same. Its head, its back, and claws each feature a Rhotuka Launcher and silver Rhotuka spinner.


"It can be thrown the length of a metru, have a building dropped on it, be slammed head first into the ground, and come right back at you again."
— Rahaga Norik, Rahi Beasts



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