Disk of Time

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Disk of Time
Manufacturer Toa Vakama
Users Vakama (formerly)
Function Control Time
Status Forged into the Vahi
Location With Voporak (as the Vahi)

The partially-formed Disk of Time as seen in Legends of Metru Nui

The Disk of Time was a Kanoka disk created by combining all of the Great Disks. It had the power to slow down or speed up time in a given area. Like the Kanohi Vahi, which was created out of it, the Disk of Time contained the Legendary Power of Time, and destroying it likely would have had the same effect as destroying the Vahi.[1]


Vakama, a Ta-Matoran Mask Maker from Ta-Metru, was commissioned by Makuta Teridax, disguised as Turaga Dume, to create the Mask of Time. Vakama encountered great difficulty in this assignment, as a Disk of Time was needed, which he did not have. Soon after, Vakama became a Toa, and he and his team of Toa Metru collected the Great Disks. While hiding from the Vahki, Vakama experimented with the Disks and accidentally discovered that all six Disks could be merged into one, creating the Disk of Time. He then carved it into the Kanohi Vahi while aboard the Lhikan.

Its digits were 199, showing that it was made in Ta-Metru, had a Kanoka power of 9, Time, and had a power level of 9, the highest possible. Like all Ta-Metru Kanoka, it was stronger than most other Kanoka disks, allowing it to knock obstacles out of the way.

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Artakha made the Great Disks, but kept them to experiment with, and eventually made the Disk of Time (and subsequently the Vahi) from them himself.

The Disk of Time in set form

Set Information

Both the golden Vahi and the Disk of Time were available in limited edition Vahki sets in various Target stores, and two of each were also included in a limited edition 400-piece tub. The Disk of Time was orange and printed with an image of the Kanohi Vahi above its digits.


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