Stop the Morbuzakh!

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Stop the Morbuzakh!
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Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Keyboard

Stop the Morbuzakh! was an online game available on, made by Spike Ltd. It could also be downloaded from the Game Archive section of the Kanoka Club.



As Vakama, the player must defend the Molten Protodermis Reclamation foundry from the Morbuzakh.

During gameplay, the player moves around the foundry using their disk launcher to destroy the Morbuzakh trying to bring down the overhead vat system. Arrows indicate where new vines have sprouted and the player must destroy the vines before they break the supports - every vat that falls into the Protodermis raises the level a little, indicated by notches around the bottom of the Heads-Up-Display. Once the Protodermis swallows the platforms Vakama is standing on, the game ends. The player then receives a score based on how well they performed, and may earn any of five different medals.


  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • A - Aim up
  • Z - Aim down
  • Ctrl - Change Kanoka Disks
  • Space Bar - Launch Disks


The main enemy in the game were the Morbuzakh, and more specifically the Morbuzakh Vines. There are three different kinds of vines:

  • Green Vines: The most common vine in the beginning. They can be defeated with a single shot of the Kanoka Launcher. For each Green Vine defeated, 25 points were received.
  • Yellow Vines: Can only be defeated in two shots twice normally, or one with a Ga-Metru Freezing disk. For each Yellow Vine defeated, 50 points were received.
  • Blue Vines: The least common vine in the beginning. They can only be defeated with a Ga-Metru Freezing disk. For each Blue Vine defeated, 100 points were received.

Players also earn 5 points for every vat that makes a complete circuit of the area without falling into the lava.


  • Quick-shot: Destroy multiple vines within a 10-second time window.
  • Trick-shot: Hitting a vine with a disk that bounces off when shooting it to somewhere else instead of shooting it at the vine
  • Long-shot: Destroy a vine from the other side of the map.
  • Hero: Finish with a score of 1500 or higher.


  • When it was released, scores were supposed to earn Kanoka Points, but that update never came.
  • In the game, the player's Kanoka Launcher was yellow, not silver.

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