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8757 Visorak Battle Ram
Set number 8757
Subtheme Visorak
Release date Winter 2005
Pieces 189
MSRP $29.99 (US)
$19.99 (CN)
Ages 7+

Set 8757 Visorak Battle Ram was a play set released in 2005, portraying a Visorak Battle Ram.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
The ultimate Visorak battle machine!
Shatter even the strongest wall to rubble! Pulled by Visorak, this battle ram can smash though any obstacle the Toa Hordika put it in its way. Combine it with #8759 Battle of Metru Nui to stage the ultimate BIONICLE® clash!

*Includes 7 mini Visorak figures and 6 mini Toa Hordika figures.
*Includes glow-in-the-dark elements!

Set Information

The set contains fourteen minifigures: the six Toa Hordika and eight Visorak.


Pushing and releasing the liftarm on the back of the set caused the Visorak head to swing back and forth, simulating a battering ram. The set also features a mounted catapult to fling boulders.


The set includes a golden 2001 Toa headpiece, a golden Keelerak shell, and the Toa Hordika's Combat Staffs.


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