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"Round disks of protodermis used for both sport and defense in the city of Metru Nui."
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Great Disks.png
Users Vahki (formerly)
Dark Hunters
Function Aiding in battle/sport
Creating Kanohi
Status In use
Location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation kah-NO-kah

Kanoka Disks are tools imbued with powers that are used for protection, technology, and combat by many inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.


The technology to develop Kanoka disks was invented at different times in various places in the Matoran Universe.[CwGF] It was originally invented at least 7,000 years ago in an unknown location,[NOGLB] and around 4,000 years ago in the Ko-Metru Knowledge Towers.[1] Kanoka, named after the Matoran word for "disk,"[citation needed] are made from purified Liquid Protodermis,[2] and contain different powers[3] depending on the properties and purity of the Protodermis that is used.[4] Kanoka disks were forged in all areas of the city[5] and were available at central reserve areas or from various traders.[citation needed: MN-CoL?] Kanoka disks were also made into Kanohi on Metru Nui by Ta-Matoran Mask Makers.[5]

Kanoka disks were used in other parts of the Matoran Universe, including Stelt, where they were fitted as weapons on certain Boats.[FoF, Ch. 2]

After the Great Cataclysm, the creation of Kanoka disks in Metru Nui stopped. Kanoka disk production resumed 1,000 years later, when the Matoran returned to Metru Nui. It was again halted after the Battle of Bara Magna forced a mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe.[citation needed]



Each Kanoka Disk is inscribed with three digits, which explain the disk's origins, power, and potency.

  1. The first digit: The Metru from which that disk was created in. (Ex: Disks forged in Ta-Metru have 1 as their first digit.) There were some exceptions to this rule. The Great Disks were numbered for the Metru they were going to be located in the future, and the Disk of Time was numbered by the Metru of the creator.
  2. The second digit: The disk's type of power. (Ex: Freezing disks have 2 as their second digit.)
  3. The third digit: The disk's power level. The higher the number, the more powerful the disk is. Power levels run from 1 to 8. The absolute highest level is the number 9; only the Great Disks had this level of power.


Vakama holding two Great Disks

There are eight main Kanoka powers:

  1. Reconstitutes at random - Temporarily scrambles the molecules of the target, resulting in a new shape.
  2. Freezes - Covers the target in a thick coating of ice.
  3. Weakens - Reduces the strength of a living or nonliving target. Can be used to bring down structures.
  4. Removes poison - Cures the effects of toxic substances.
  5. Enlarges - Causes target to grow. Rate of growth is tied to the power level of the disk.
  6. Shrinks - Causes target to reduce in size. Rate of shrinkage is tied to the power level of the disk.
  7. Regenerates - Can be used to repair a target, normally a structure or piece of equipment.
  8. Teleports - Moves target to another location. Range of teleportation is tied to the power level of the disk.

Kanoka disks can be combined to create disks with new powers, such as increase weight, levitation, and speed.

Kanoka disks wear out with repeated use. The Toa Metru brought some Kanoka with them to Mata Nui, but these disks became powerless over the years.[citation needed] Later, the Matoran made replica disks out of Bamboo, but they were powerless and could only be used to strike things.

Kanoka could be made in any Metru, and disks from different Metru had different abilities.

  1. Ta-Metru: Stronger, could knock obstacles out of the way.
  2. Ga-Metru: Could change direction in mid-air according to the user's thoughts.
  3. Po-Metru: Homed in on other Kanoka and deflected them from their course.
  4. Ko-Metru: Dodged obstacles to get to target.
  5. Le-Metru: Flew farther.
  6. Onu-Metru: Returned to thrower if diverted from course.

Kanoka Disks are created by pouring Liquid Protodermis into special molds. Frequently, this procedure is performed multiple times before the disk is pronounced complete. The nature and level of the disk's power is influenced by the qualities of the Protodermis utilized, its purity, and the proficiency of the Matoran forging the disk. Despite having a great deal of experience in smelting disks, Matoran still do not know how to guess the amount of power a disk will contain or what power it will possess.

During the disk-making process, multiple Kanoka disks can be combined to form disks with new and different powers. In some cases, Disk Makers can predict the result of the combination. On other occasions, the Matoran must experiment multiple times to produce the desired disk.[citation needed]


Kanoka Disks were used in all sorts of games in Metru Nui, including Disk Surfing, Akilini, and Kanoka Toss.

Disk Dueling

Despite the extreme scarcity of physical violence on Metru Nui, Matoran with serious disagreements were known to engage in disk dueling. Standing on opposite sides of an Akilini field, Matoran threw disks at each other, with the first one to strike the other winning. Unfortunately, depending on the disks used, these duels could have very serious repercussions: one Matoran was reduced to such a small size that he was never found, while another was transformed by a Reconstitute at Random disk into something so grotesque that he nearly ended up on exhibition as a Rahi in the Archives. In Metru Nui, disk dueling was highly illegal and guaranteed to bring prompt action from the Vahki.[1]

Mask Making

Ta-Matoran in Metru Nui learned to soften disks and carve them into masks. Power levels 1-6 were made into powerless Matoran masks. Level 7 disks were made into Noble Kanohi. Level 8 disks were made into Great Masks. The six level 9 Great Disks were melted together, then made into the Disk of Time, which was then carved into the Vahi. By melting two disks together, new powers could be produced, allowing the Ta-Matoran mask makers to make Kanohi with many different powers.

Kanohi/Kanoka Chart

Listed below are all of the Kanohi with known Kanoka components:

A Ga-Metru Freeze Disk in set form
A Ko-Metru Disk
Mask of Power Respective Disk(s) Combinations
Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding Enlarge + Regeneration[2]
Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation Teleport + Weaken[2]
Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed Teleport + Reconstitutes at Random[2]
Kanohi Pakari, Mask of Strength Regeneration + Enlarge + Removes Poison[2]
Kanohi Kaukau, Mask of Water Breathing Regeneration + Shrink + Removes Poison[2]
Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision Regeneration + Teleport[2]
Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion Reconstitutes at Random + Weaken[2]
Kanohi Huna, Mask of Concealment Enlarge + Shrink + Freeze[2]
Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control Freeze + Weaken + Removes Poison[2]
Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation Removes Poison + Enlarge[2]
Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision Enlarge + Teleport[2]
Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis Teleport + Shrink[2]
Kanohi Kiril, Mask of Regeneration Regeneration[2]
Kanohi Pehkui, Mask of Diminishment Shrink[2]
Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick-Travel Teleport[2]
Mask of Growth Enlarge[citation needed]
Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity Disk of Gravity[OGD]
Kanohi Olisi, Mask of Alternate Futures None
Mask of Mutation Reconstitutes at Random + Unknown[CwGF]
Kanohi Jutlin, Mask of Corruption Weaken[CwGF]
Kanohi Kraahkan, Mask of Shadows None
Kanohi Avohkii, Mask of Light None
Mask of Creation None
Kanohi Vahi, Mask of Time Disk of Time (made from the Great Disks)[2]
Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life None

Set Information

A solid gold Kanoka disk

Kanoka made their first appearance with the 2004 sets, using the mold designed years earlier with the Bamboo Disks of the Matoran of Mata Nui. Every disk had an exclusive code on it that could be entered into the Kanoka Club website for points, used to buy rewards such as videos, animations, images, and games. However, the rare Disk of Time code featuring 199, which could be gained through the Exclusive Vahki Sets or Ultimate Creatures Accessory Sets, could not be used at the Kanoka Club as they rendered that combination an invalid code. The 2004 Toa Metru Vakama set came with Vakama's Toa Disk decorated with a Huna, the only Toa Metru to have such a disk released. A Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack came with two of fifty-one random Kanoka disks, eight from each of the Metru and three other disks.

The Disk of Time was primarily packaged with Target store-exclusive Vahki sets in 2004. It also released with the combined comics of Seeds of Doom and Enemies of Metru Nui in October, 2004. Prototype Disks of Time also exist; these Kanoka simply do not have the code printed on the disk. They were given to employees of LEGO.

A Golden Kanoka was used as a first prize for the 2004 BIONICLE Instant Win Game and speed build competitions at LEGO stores, March 22 through 28 in 2004. In September 2004, at the UK Fox Kids and UK Scholastic websites, three virtual Kanoka disks could be found around the site. Once found, an entry form for a contest could be unlocked. The contest featured several prizes, such as golden Kanoka disks. Finally, in November, 2004 in the United Kingdom, the LEGO UK magazine had a contest that gave one the chance to win one of ten gold Kanoka disks.

During the 2004 Comic-Con convention, an exclusive Kanoka disk was supposed to be produced and placed within five thousand Toa Metru Vakama sets, which the convention attendees could buy. However, due to a production error, the disks were never featured and only a few samples were made for publicity. The Kanoka had the Comic-Con logo printed on the front of it.

In Europe, a promotional Ta-Metru Kanoka featuring the code 175 was gifted with the combined comics of Rise of the Rahkshi!, At Last -- Takanuva! and Secrets and Shadows.

Employees of LEGO also received a special Kanoka disk called the "BIONICLE Kanoka" with the symbol of the Three Virtues printed on it.

A red translucent Kanoka disk was released as part of the promotional set 3259, which also included a black Kanoka Launcher. The set came packaged with a BIONICLE comic in France. An Onu-Metru Kanoka disk was included in the promotional set 7934 along with a white Kanoka Launcher.

Kanoka were released in the following sets:

Kanoka Code Accompanying Set
None #3259 Kanoka Disk Launcher
None #8601 Toa Vakama
143 #8607 Nuhrii
226 #8608 Vhisola
685 #8609 Tehutti
373 #8610 Ahkmou
574 #8611 Orkahm
437 #8612 Ehrye
116 #8614 Nuurakh
225 #8615 Bordakh
555 #8616 Vorzakh
334 #8617 Zadakh
665 #8618 Rorzakh
447 #8619 Keerakh
638 #8622 Nidhiki
338 #8623 Krekka
#8026 Kraatu
#8613 Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack
199 Exclusive Vahki Sets
#8715 Ultimate Creatures Accessory Set

There was also a supplementary set, 8613 Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack. Along with a Disk Launcher in one of the six primary Metru Nui colors, it included two random Kanoka. The Kanoka codes featured were from the following (certain packs included a Great Disk and one of the following):

  • 117, 125, 132, 171, 184
  • 212, 234, 253, 265, 287
  • 314, 326, 357, 361, 382
  • 416, 442, 468, 473, 485
  • 521, 536, 543, 548, 565
  • 631, 646, 654, 663, 677