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"Archivists don't sit in clean towers studying all day, they are out getting their hands dirty."
Toa Metru Whenua to Nuju, Trial by Fire

Matoran Occupation
Purpose Work in and maintain the Archives
Location Metru Nui (formerly)

The home of the Archivist Tehutti.

Archivists are Onu-Matoran who worked in the Archives and catalogued any new Rahi exhibits that are added. They were the ones who put Rahi in Stasis Tubes, ensured the exhibits didn't break out, and performed research on the Rahi. The Archivists also took care of and monitored the sub-levels where the most ferocious Rahi lurked.

When the Great Cataclysm occurred, all the Archivists had been placed in the Matoran Spheres and were not on hand to deal with the damage. After the Great Reconstruction done by the Staff of Artakha, the Archivists went back to work in the Archives.

Chief Archivist

The Chief Archivist was in charge of the entire Archive system. The Chief Archivist had the only keys to certain sub-levels of the Archives,[1] and also dictated what sort of research and exhibits were allowed to take place in the Archives. On Turaga Dume's orders, Chief Archivist at the time instructed Mavrah, Whenua, and Onepu to end their research on prehistoric aquatic Rahi and remove them from the Archives.[2]

Known Archivists

  • An Onu-Matoran who served as the Chief Archivist in Metru Nui and resumed his job after the Matoran returned[3]
  • Mavrah (formerly)
  • Nuparu (formerly; now a Toa)
  • Onepu (formerly)[4]
  • Taipu[5]
  • Tehutti
  • Whenua (formerly; now a Turaga)