Vahki Commercial

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Vahki Commercial

Vahki Promo Animation
Creator Ghost Studios
Director Christian Faber and Jan Kjær
Producer Lars Bartkær
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Vahki
Release Date September 2004

The Vahki Promo Animation was a CGI-animated animation released in 2004 to promote the Vahki canister sets.


The first page of the storyboard

The animation opens with a Vahki's eye view of a Ga-Matoran fleeing. As the BIONICLE and Metru Nui logos appear, the panels of a Vahki Hive open and the narrator explains that the balance of power is shifting. A Bordakh is dispatched from its recharging station and snaps into action. A Vorzakh is shown using a Transporter to leap from building to building, followed by a Nuurakh in four-legged mode traversing molten Protodermis. According to the narrator, Vahki are spreading through the city. A Rorzakh skilfully climbs the walls of an Archives loading area, while a Keerakh uses its Stun Staffs to slide down a Knowledge Tower icicle and a Zadakh investigates a region of the Sculpture Fields. The narration continues, stating the Vahki claim they enforce the law, but instead, Matoran are disappearing. The Ga-Matoran is shown hiding from a Bordakh, who senses her presence and shifts from four-legged to two-legged mode and launches a Kanoka Disk at a dwelling, exposing her hiding place. Suddenly, Toa Vakama appears to protect her, but the Ga-Metru Vahki is soon joined by the other Metru models. The narration concludes that the Matoran's only hope rests with the Toa, but that hope is fragile. Finally, the promotional tagline "Surrender or Run" is spoken while an image of the canisters is shown.


Behind the scenes
  • It took a team of six three months to produce this ad.
  • The software used was Maya, mental ray, RenderMan, and DigitalFusion.
  • The text from the heads up display at the beginning reads as follows (from left to right): "Ga Metru Metri [sic] Nui; unidentified Ga Matoran".

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