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"The Shrine is where Tahu will bring the Kanohi."
— The Ta-Suva polisher, Mata Nui Online Game

Users Toa
Function Store Kanohi and Toa Tools
Status In use
Location Great Temple
Mata Nui
Voya Nui (all formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation SOO-vah[1]

A Suva is a shrine dedicated to Toa. Suva are used to store and transport Kanohi masks, as well as to store Toa tools. Suva were known to be located on Mata Nui at several locations in the Matoran Universe, and on Spherus Magna after the migration of Toa there.


Suva were originally designed by the Great Beings,[2] and has since been replicated by the Matoran.[3][4] The construction of a Suva can be done in the field.[5]

Suva can be used by Toa to store Kanohi masks, and teleport them to their faces for use.[6] A Toa must be currently wearing a mask in order to access the masks from their Suva.[7] Although other beings have the ability to use Kanohi, only Toa can access them via Suva.[8] Suva can also be used to store Toa tools,[9] though only Kanohi can be transported to the Toa.[10] A Toa's access to their Suva is blocked by the walls of the Matoran Universe and the walls of Karda Nui.[2][11]

Known Suva

Action of the Toa Suva

Toa Suva

The Toa Suva is a large Suva shrine at the center of the Great Temple in Ga-Metru. It was available to use for Toa defending Metru Nui,[12][13] and it stored Toa tools[9] and Toa Stones.[14] It also contained six Toa Disks decorated with the masks of the future Toa Metru.[15][16][17] Shortly before the Great Cataclysm, Toa Mangai Lhikan stole six Toa Stones from the Suva and imbued them with Toa Power. He gave these stones to six Matoran: Vakama, Nokama, Matau, Whenua, Onewa, and Nuju.[18] The Matoran took the stones to the Toa Suva and, after getting acquainted, placed them into the six different slots. This caused the shrine to use the power in the stones to transform the six Matoran into the Toa Metru. The sides of the shrine then fell away, and the Toa Metru chose their Toa tools from it.[19] The Bordakh believed that the Toa Stones and tools had been stolen, and as such, the Toa Suva was declared off-limits to the public from then on.[20]


After the Great Cataclysm, the Toa Metru brought the Matoran of Metru Nui to the island of Mata Nui located outside the head of the Great Spirit Robot. The Toa Metru became Turaga, and with the Matoran they began constructing villages, as well as the Suva-Kaita at the Great Temple of Kini-Nui.[4] The Suva was built over a passage that provided access to Mangaia, and was locked with the Makoki Stone.[21][22] It was destroyed by the Rahkshi as they were released from Mangaia in their hunt for the Mask of Light.[23]

Suva of the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva

Ta-Suva in Mask of Light

In addition to the Suva-Kaita, the Turaga and Matoran of Mata Nui constructed Suva in each Koro, dedicated to the expected Toa Mata.[4] These were named the Ta-Suva, Ga-Suva, Le-Suva, Po-Suva, Onu-Suva, and the Ko-Suva. The Turaga stored their Noble masks in the Suva before they were stolen by Rahi under the influence of Makuta Teridax.[24] After the arrival of the Toa Mata, each collected six Great Kanohi and recovered the Turaga's Noble Kanohi, which they stored in their Suva and accessed before exchanging their Great masks for Golden Kanohi at the Suva-Kaita.

The Toa Mata were transformed into Toa Nuva after defeating the Bohrok Swarm, and gained new Kanohi Nuva.[25] They sought additional Kanohi Nuva, which they stored and accessed from their Suva.[26] The Suva were also the location of the Toa's new Nuva Symbols.[27] The Bohrok-Kal were unleashed and stole the Nuva Symbols from the Suva in attempt to release the Bahrag from the seal the Toa had put them in.[28] Once the Toa recovered their Symbols, they were secured by the Turaga and no longer kept at the Suva.[29]

Le-Suva as seen in the Mata Nui Online Game

The Ta-Suva was destroyed by the Rahkshi as they searched for the Mask of Light making its functions inaccessible. However, by that time Tahu's Nuva symbol was already relocated elsewhere.[30][31] The other Toa's Suva were later destroyed by the Bohrok in the cleansing of the island before the awakening of Mata Nui.[32] After the residents of Mata Nui returned to Metru Nui, the Toa Nuva brought their Kanohi to Metru Nui and stored them in Suva there.[note 1] The Toa Nuva continued to have access to them after fleeing Metru Nui following Teridax's takeover of the Matoran Universe.[35] These Suva were relocated to Spherus Magna after the evacuation of the Matoran Universe inhabitants there.[36]

Voya Nui's Suva

A Suva was present on Voya Nui, which split from the Southern Continent and left the Matoran Universe during the Great Cataclysm. This Suva was damaged when the Piraka enslaved the Matoran population of Voya Nui,[37] and destroyed during the island's descent back to the Southern Continent.[38]

Set Information

The set function of the Suva

The lids of the mid-2001 Toa Mata sets' canisters were each designed to resemble a Suva. All six lids were in metallic colors roughly corresponding to the color of the set with which they were packaged. Six masks could be attached around the outer edge with a head and eyepiece construction and an axle piece, while a seventh mask could be affixed to a central protrusion in the shape of a head. An axle and a head piece were included in 8525 BIONICLE Masks for the purpose of expanding the Suva. This lid was also included in the BIONICLE: Quest for Makuta board game, in a randomly selected color out of the six used for the canisters, where it was used to represent the Suva-Kaita (although called "Makuta's secret temple" within the context of the game).

The canister lids of the Toa Nuva sets featured a similar functionality to those of the Toa Mata. While these do not appear in the storyline, Greg Farshtey surmised they represent Suva built in honor of the Toa Nuva.[39]


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