BIONICLE: Quest for Keetongu

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BIONICLE: Quest for Keetongu
Board Game
Number of players Two to four
Distributor The LEGO Group

BIONICLE: Quest for Keetongu is a Board Game that was included with the March 2005 LEGO Magazine.

The game features the Toa Hordika's search to find the legendary Keetongu as they journey around Metru Nui, and avoid the spider-like Visorak and other such obstacles, to save the captured Matoran.


The object is to cross the entire board and be the first player to reach the end, and find Keetongu.



The Players can use nearly any makeshift game piece; A LEGO brick, a stud, etc. The players use a six-sided die. They each roll it to see who will go first. They then take turns at rolling the die to move across the game board. Along the way the players may land on action places instructing them to move forward, back, stop, lose a turn, or roll again.