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"Then I will claim this place as my own. Those who ssssurvive can ssserve the Morbuzakh, or perisssh."
— The Morbuzakh, Trial by Fire

Powers Regeneration
Status Deceased
Pronunciation MORE-boo-ZACK[1][2]

The Morbuzakh was a massive, sentient and sapient[3] plant creature created by Makuta Teridax as part of his plan to capture the Matoran of Metru Nui.


The Morbuzakh vine attacking one of the Ta-Metru Foundries

The Morbuzakh was created by Teridax several years before the Great Cataclysm. He first created the Karzahni, but then found that it was too powerful and intelligent for his purposes, so he abandoned it and created the Morbuzakh instead.[4] He formulated a plan: the Morbuzakh was to drive the Matoran to the center of the city, to the Coliseum, where Makuta and the Vahki would easily capture them and place them into Matoran Spheres.[2] To this end, Teridax told the Morbuzakh that he would let it rule the city after its purpose was done.[citation needed]

When Teridax replaced Turaga Dume in the months before the Great Cataclysm, he secretly planted Morbuzakh seeds in Ta-Metru.[citation needed] The Morbuzakh's first known action was to grow vines in the area of the Great Furnace and drive the Matoran away, allowing it to grow its king root in the center of the massive building, fed by the molten Protodermis and the flames.[5] From there, it spread its vines all throughout the city, attacking structures and Matoran seemingly at random, though mostly keeping to the edges of the various Metru. The Vahki and Matoran fought back, but it was clear that the Morbuzakh was too strong for them to defeat.[6]

A Morbuzakh vine transformed by the Reconstitutes at Random Kanoka disk

After several weeks of attacks, the Toa Metru appeared and sought out the Great Disks, which legend said were the only things that could destroy the Morbuzakh. With the help of the six Matoran who knew the location of the disks, the Toa collected the disks, despite the Morbuzakh's efforts to impede them. The Toa fought through Morbuzakh seeds to reach the central chamber of the Great Furnace. In its inner chamber, the Morbuzakh attempted one last time to steal the Great Disks, but the Toa managed to keep their hold on them, and triggered their powers. The energies of the Great Disks combined to form a sphere of energy around the king root, severing it from the rest of the plant. Cut off from their source of nourishment, the vines around Metru Nui withered and died, and the king root itself collapsed and turned into dust, destroying the furnace in its death throes.[5]

Abilities and Traits

The Morbuzakh consisted of a massive network of black-green vines that spread across the entire city of Metru Nui, all connected to and controlled by a single king root. The king root was about a thousand feet tall, with a brown stripe running down the side. It was intelligent, and could speak via telepathy. Unlike almost all plants, the Morbuzakh fed off of fire and heat rather than water. However, this left it extremely vulnerable to ice and cold, meaning that Ko-Metru was left almost untouched. The plant sensed and responded to the outside world through chemical substances. It could also detect vibrations in the air, alerting the plant to movement and speech.[7]

Morbuzakh seeds

The Morbuzakh grew two kinds of vines. One was thin and small, ending in long, spindly vines that resembled fingers.[8] The other kind of vine was huge, often extremely thick and long. The vines were strong enough to tear metallic Protodermis to shreds and crush buildings by squeezing them.[9] The Morbuzakh could also grow thorns that it could launch at enemies.[5]

The Morbuzakh grew from thousands of seed pods roughly the size of a Kanoka that would be planted in the rafters of a building. Once they were ready to sprout, they dropped to the ground and split open, spreading tendrils to wrap around anything in the area and link up with each other.[5] Another stage in its growth pattern was to sprout small buds about a bio high. These buds were semi-sentient, and would 'whisper' telepathically.[5]

Set Information

A teal-colored sponge Morbuzakh was released as a promotional item with the 8th issue of BIONICLE: Das Offizielle Comic-Magazin in Germany. The sponge was also released in Russia.[citation needed]

The Morbuzakh sponge


"Even the Vahki could not overcome the power of the Morbuzakh."
— Narrator, Disks of Danger

"When the Morbuzakh knows you're looking for it... It comes looking for you."
Vhisola, Disks of Danger


  • During the Morbuzakh plant's attack on the city, the Fader Bulls helped protect several areas from the vicious plant by consuming some of its vines.[10]
  • The Karzahni impersonated the Morbuzakh in an illusion created by Teridax to trick Vakama. In the illusion, the Matoran who found the Great Disks became Toa Metru instead and had not defeated the Morbuzakh, which had taken over most of the city. However, Vakama eventually saw through the illusion.[11]
  • While considered to be a Rahi by Matoran,[12] the Morbuzakh is a plant.[13]


The movie version of the Morbuzakh vines
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