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1391 Jala.jpg
Promotional Set
Set number 1391
Subtheme Tohunga
Release date September 2001
Pieces 8
Ages 7+

Set 1391 Jala was a promotional set released in September 2001 portraying Jaller, who was then known as Jala. It specifically portrays him as he appeared after his diminishment from being inside a Matoran Sphere.

Set Information

The set packaging

The set was included in McDonald's Happy Meals in September 2001 as one of the six "Tohunga" sets. Each Happy Meal came with one of the six sets, randomly selected. The set consists of eight pieces.

By combining pieces from Jala with 1388 Huki and 1389 Onepu, one can build a Matoran Kaita. Jala can also be combined with 1388 Huki, 1389 Onepu, 1390 Maku, 1392 Kongu, and 1393 Matoro to create a Matoran Nui.


Jala's arms can be pulled back and released, making them shoot back forward. His right hand is capable of holding a Bamboo Disk, and doing this while he is holding the disk causes him to throw it. The disk could also be stored on his back.


Jala wears a yellow Hau. Also included is a Bamboo Disk featuring Tahu's Kanohi Hau and the mask's name.


1391 Jala scored a 79 on Brick Insights, indicating mixed or average reviews.

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