Great Disks

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"A dream once told me that the keys to saving Metru Nui were six legendary disks, one hidden in each Metru."
Turaga Vakama, Disks of Danger

Great Disks
Comic Great Disks.png
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Toa Metru
Function Create Disk of Time
Status Forged
Location Kanohi Vahi

The Great Disks were the six most powerful Kanoka disks in existence.


After Kanoka were invented in Ko-Metru in Metru Nui, six disks were created by Artakha, one for each Metru on Metru Nui. These were the only disks to have the maximum power level of 9. They were secretly teleported into the city at some time within 2,500 years before the Great Cataclysm. They were discovered by six Matoran, Nuhrii, Vhisola, Orkahm, Ehrye, Tehutti, and Ahkmou, who later led the Toa Metru to them. In order to retrieve them, the Toa decided to split up into two-Toa, two-Matoran teams.

Vakama tinkering with two of the Great Disks

One team, consisting of Onewa, Vakama, Nuhrii, and Ahkmou, retrieved the Ta-Metru disk from the Fire Pits using a Reconstitute at Random Kanoka to destroy the Morbuzakh guarding it, and the Po-Metru disk from a hole in a statue in one of the Sculpture Fields. Another team, consisting of Nuju, Ehrye, Tehutti, and Whenua, retrieved the Onu-Metru disk from a closet in the Great Archives, and the Ko-Metru disk from an icicle on a Knowledge Tower. The last team, consisting of Matau, Orkahm, Nokama, and Vhisola, retrieved the Ga-Metru disk from the jaws of the Dweller in the Deep beneath the Great Temple, and the Le-Metru disk from a Force Sphere in a Chute.

Once they had collected all six, the Toa Metru traveled to the Great Furnace, where they confronted the king root of the Morbuzakh. During the battle, Nokama suggested using the Great Disks, and the Toa used the energies from the Kanoka to destroy the root.

The Toa Metru had hoped to then give the disks to Turaga Dume to prove their worth, but were rejected because Dume was actually Makuta Teridax in disguise. Later, Vakama tinkered with the disks, and discovered that he could merge them, eventually creating the Disk of Time. He then forged the Vahi, Mask of Time, out of the Disk.

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Artakha made the Great Disks, but kept them to experiment with, and eventually made the Disk of Time (and subsequently the Vahi) from them himself.


The Ta-Metru Great Disk


The Great Disks were created with power levels of 9, higher than any other Kanoka. They have the ability to emit beams of energy, which were used to destroy the Morbuzakh. They were also intended to be fused into the Disk of Time.

Codes and Powers

Disk: BH Ta-Metru Great Disk.png BH Ga-Metru Great Disk.png BH Po-Metru Great Disk.png BH Ko-Metru Great Disk.png BH Le-Metru Great Disk.png BH Onu-Metru Great Disk.png
Metru: Ta-Metru Ga-Metru Po-Metru Ko-Metru Le-Metru Onu-Metru
Code: 159 279 339 429 589 619
Power: Enlarge Regenerate Weaken Freeze Teleport Reconstitute
at Random