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8559 Kanoka
8613 Kanoka.png
Set number 8613
Subtheme Kanoka
Release date Winter 2004

Set 8613 Kanoka was a collectibles pack released in 2004.

Product Description

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Launch your Kanoka disks and get secret BIONICLE info!
Kanoka disks are used all over the city of Metru Nui for sport and defense. Now you can challenge the enemies of the Toa Metru with a Kanoka disk launcher and collectable disks! Each disk is glow-in-the-dark and features a special three-digit code -- enter the code on to earn Kanoka points and access secret BIONICLE® information! Launcher works with any BIONICLE Toa Metru figure. Collect all the Kanoka disks and look for randomly packed rare disks! Each package features Kanoka disk launcher and two disks.

Set Information

The Kanoka pack came with two random Kanoka disks and a Kanoka Disk Launcher (in one of the six primary Metru Nui colors) in the same mold as those released with the 2004 Matoran sets. The following disk codes were available exclusively through this pack:

  • 117, 125, 132, 171, 184
  • 212, 234, 253, 265, 287
  • 314, 326, 357, 361, 382
  • 416, 442, 468, 473, 485
  • 521, 536, 543, 548, 565
  • 631, 646, 654, 663, 677

The Great Disks were also only available in certain packs.



The Kanoka were the featured collectible of 2004.


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