Trouble for Tahu

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Trouble for Tahu is non-canon.
The subject of this article is not part of the canon BIONICLE storyline. The information on this page was not approved by the BIONICLE Story Team. Further, it either contradicts canon events or was never referenced in canon media.
Trouble for Tahu
Outside/alternate title Time of the Toa
Author Unknown
Illustrator Unknown

Trouble for Tahu is a promotional comic released across two issues of the LEGO Adventures! Magazine. The comic follows a non-canon account of Toa Mata Tahu's emergence from his Toa Canister and encounters with the inhabitants of Mata Nui.

Plot Summary

Trouble for Tahu

After emerging from his Toa Canister, Tahu hurries out of the water onto shore, where he finds a lava flow pouring out into the ocean. Jala, after watching Tahu from the undergrowth, leaps out at him, requesting that he follows the Matoran to the village of fire. Before he can do so, however, a Muaka pounces at Jala. Tahu uses his Fire Sword to fend off the Rahi, and impatiently follows Jala to Ta-Koro. Turaga Vakama runs towards the pair, warning them that a lava flow has burst its banks and is approaching the village. Tahu makes a stand in front of the lava flow....

Time of the Toa

Just before the lava engulfs him, Tahu uses his sword to carve a deep crack into the ground. The lava flows into the crack, and the village is saved. After being thanked by Vakama, Tahu takes a rock and surfs off along the lava flow in search of adventure. Meanwhile, Onua digs in search of Masks of Power, Pohatu practices his skills, Kopaka rescues a villager, Gali senses an evil, and Lewa feels that he shall meet the rest of the Toa soon....



  • Despite being listed in the introductory blurb of the second part, Jala does not actually appear anywhere within the comic itself. In the wide shot of Vakama, Jala seems to have vanished entirely from where he was stood in the first part.
  • Turaga Nuju is referred to only as "one of the villagers." While technically accurate, the descriptor reads as though Nuju is a Matoran, not a Turaga.

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