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"Nokama had tried not to think about the strange spinner and launcher that had become part of her body after her transformation into a Hordika. Now that she tried using it, she found it extremely difficult... Then, suddenly, it happened - a whirling sphere of energy flew from the launcher and shot across the room at the guardian."
— Narrator, Challenge of the Hordika

Rhotuka Launcher
Animation Natural Rhotuka Launcher.png
Users Rahi
Dark Hunters
Order of Mata Nui
Function Creating and launching Rhotuka spinners
Status In use
Pronunciation ro-TOO-kah

Rhotuka Launchers are devices used by various beings to generate Rhotuka spinners. The launchers come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used by almost any being.

The launcher works by gathering the energy for the Rhotuka into a space and then releasing the energy in the form of a spinner once it is sufficiently tangible. The power of the spinner does not depend on the launcher itself, but rather on the being that launches it.


Toa Hordika Matau's natural launcher

There are two different kinds of Rhotuka launchers: artificial and natural.

Natural Launchers

These launchers are not built, but are grown into their user's bodies.

Most of the creatures that have natural launchers are Rahi, such as the Visorak or Sea Spiders. The formation of natural launchers seems to be a common effect of exposure to Hordika Venom; all Toa Hordika seen so far wield natural launchers. After the Toa Hagah were transformed into the Rahaga, their Rhotuka Launching Shields were transformed into natural launchers; when the mutations were undone, the shields regained their original forms.

Artificial Launchers

Artificial Rhotuka launchers can be used by any creature (barring limitations of the creature's size and strength in relation to the launcher), and so are popular with the Dark Hunters, many of whom carry some form of Rhotuka launchers.

The launchers come in various forms, such as hand-held for larger species like Vortixx or Sidorak's species, launchers built into shields such as those used by the Toa Hagah, launchers built into staffs or other weapons such as those used by the Dark Hunters the Shadowed One and Spinner, or built into buildings or vehicles, such as when the Visorak modified an entrance to the Coliseum to support Rhotuka.

It is possible to modify artificial launchers; the deceased Dark Hunter Ancient's Rhotuka launcher was modified so that it could fire Rhotuka more rapidly.

Example Usage

Vakama about to fire his Rhotuka Launcher

In Web of the Visorak, a Keelerak used its Rhotuka launcher to burn through a squad of Vahki.

Set Information

The set form of the Hordika natural launcher

Both natural and artificial Rhotuka launchers are represented in BIONICLE sets by a yellow gear and base piece attached to a part of the set featuring three adjacent pin holes.

Such parts include the torsos of the Toa Hordika and Visorak canister sets, three-length beams on the small Rahaga sets, the Rhotuka Launching Shield pieces of the Toa Hagah special edition canister sets, the Kanohi Hau-shaped gate of the Coliseum in the "Battle of Metru Nui" playset, and various sections of large boxed sets.

The Rhotuka could be launched from its resting place atop the yellow gear by pulling a "rip cord" piece lined with gear teeth from a slot in the base piece at high velocity. In the Roodaka set the same action is produced in reverse, with the launcher itself being pulled from the rip cord.


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