Fire Greatswords

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Fire Greatswords
Users Lhikan (formerly)
Function Channeling his Fire powers
Melee combat
Status Absorbed

Toa Lhikan riding the Greatswords in flying board form

The Fire Greatswords,[1][2] also known as the Fire Great Swords[3] or Lava Greatswords,[4][5] were the twin Toa Tools used by Toa Mangai Lhikan. The swords could be fitted together to form a shield, a Lavaboard, or a flying board.[6] Lhikan could use the board to travel long distances, even crossing multiple domes of the Matoran Universe.[7]

When Lhikan was captured by the Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka, the Fire Greatswords were left with Vakama. After being transformed into a Turaga and escaping from the Prison of the Dark Hunters, Lhikan re-obtained the Fire Greatswords and used them as a shield.[6][8] They were destroyed when Lhikan stepped in front of Teridax when he attempted to absorb Vakama, causing the swords to be taken in his place.[6]

Example Usage

In Legends of Metru Nui, Lhikan used the Fire Greatswords as a flying board to escape from Nidhiki and Krekka at the Great Temple, and subsequently to save Vakama from falling to his death.

Set Information

The Fire Greatswords were released in 2004 in 8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo. They can be combined into a shield or a flying board.


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