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8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo
Large Set
Set number 8811
Subtheme Toa of Metru Nui[1]
Release date 2004
Pieces 215
MSRP $29.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo is a large boxed set released in 2004, portraying Toa Lhikan and the Rahi Kikanalo.

Product Description

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New BIONICLE® legends are born!
Toa Lhikan and the massive Kikanalo beast explode from BIONICLE® 2: Legends of Metru Nui come to life in this exciting set! Lhikan, guardian of Metru Nui before the coming of the Toa Metru, carries two lava greatswords that can be combined to form a flying board or a shield. The Kikanalo is a mighty herd animal, whose stampedes are feared even by the evil Dark Hunters! Recreate your favorite scenes from the new movie with this set!

Set Information

The Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo set contains 215 pieces, and was first released in 2004.


By turning a gear on Lhikan's back, his arms will swing back and forth.

Lhikan's Fire Greatswords can be fitted together to form a single lavaboard.


Toa Lhikan wears a gold Kanohi Hau with a unique shape.


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