Heart of the Visorak

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"Ever wonder how the Makuta get the horde assembled? Put this crystal in the ground and they all come, no matter where they might be, no matter how far away."
Toa Nuva Pohatu, Toa Nuva Blog

Heart of the Visorak
Manufacturer Makuta Chirox[1]
Users Makuta Gorast
Toa Mahri
Function Summoning all Visorak
Status Destroyed
Location Tren Krom Peninsula (formerly)
Daxia (formerly)
Artidax (formerly)
Pronunciation vih-SOAR-ack

The Heart of the Visorak was a small, floating, golden crystal. If placed in the ground, it would summon all the Visorak to the Heart's location, no matter how far away they were.


The Heart of the Visorak was created by Makuta Chirox[1] and first used by Makuta Gorast[citation needed] when she conquered the Visorak.[2]

Toa Nuva Pohatu and Onua sought this artifact as part of their quest to prepare the universe for Mata Nui's awakening, and took it from the Tren Krom Peninsula to the Order of Mata Nui on Daxia.[TNB, Ch. 10]

Johmak delivered it to the Toa Mahri and bid them take it to Artidax to imprison the Visorak.[DID, Ch. 4] Two other members of the Order of Mata Nui had already planted a device meant to set off a volcanic eruption and destroy the Visorak horde. The plan was successful, killing all the Visorak and destroying the Heart of the Visorak.[DID, Ch. 6]




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