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8531 Pohatu.jpg
Medium Set
Set number 8531
Subtheme Toa
Release date 2001
Pieces 49
MSRP $7.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8531 Pohatu is a canister set released in 2001 portraying Toa Mata Pohatu.

Product Description

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Hard as stone
Pohatu, the Toa of stone, is respected by all for his sheer power. The strongest of the heroes, he can kick massive boulders out of his way, cause landslides, and much more. Turn the wheel on his back to move his mighty arms.

Set Information

The set's canister

The Pohatu set was released in 2001 as one of the six Toa sets. The set consists of forty-nine pieces.

By combining pieces from Pohatu with 8532 Onua and 8534 Tahu, one can build Akamai. The set can also be combined with 8532 Onua to make a Fikou, with 8533 Gali to make a Mata Nui Cow, or with 8542 Onewa to make a Dikapi.

Some Pohatu sets contain a Toa Mata Mini Promo CD.

The set was included in 65024 The Complete Toa Collection, K8532 Ultimate Toa Collection Kit, K8533 Find the Power Kit, K8534 Toa Kaita Akamai,[1] and K8554 Ultimate Bionicle Collectors Set.


Pohatu's right leg can be kicked by turning a gear in his lower back. This function can be used to try to knock off the mask of another Toa or Rahi set. Pohatu also comes with a Kolhii Ball, with the purpose of kicking it.

Using technic axles and heads included 8525 BIONICLE Masks, the set's canister lid could be used for displaying masks, and as a representation of a Suva.


Pohatu wears a brown Kakama.


8531 Pohatu scored a total of 76 on Brick Insights, indicating average reviews. The set was praised for its action feature and color scheme, while the small amount of unique parts and overall design were met with mixed opinions.


  • The Fikou combiner model uses an additional ball piece, which is not found in either the Pohatu or Onua sets. This may be because the prototype model of Pohatu featured one additional ball piece and an additional 2-stud long axle piece, placed on his abdomen, as depicted in the parts inventory pages of the Toa Kaita Akamai instructions.


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