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Teridax's Initial Actions

After revealing his total control of the Matoran Universe, Makuta Teridax took action against the Order of Mata Nui, the Dark Hunters, and the Brotherhood of Makuta to eliminate any future rebellions. He sank the remaining Brotherhood ships besieging Metru Nui,[DW, Ch. 9] and sent armies of Rahkshi to level Odina and Daxia. Many Order agents were killed on Daxia, though Trinuma and others escaped;[TB] the Piraka disappeared,[RoS, Ch. 10] and Dweller escaped from the Order's captivity.[citation needed] Most of the Dark Hunters, meanwhile, had already relocated to Xia.[TB] Teridax captured a few surviving Makuta and put them to work mass-producing Kraata, which were immersed in the Energized Protodermis pool on Daxia to become Rahkshi. Teridax then eliminated these Makuta.[citation needed]

Teridax also sent his Rahkshi to menace Metru Nui. Most of the Matoran, accompanied by the Toa and Turaga, sought refuge in the Archives. Toa Nuva Gali disappeared briefly during this time, but was later located by Kopaka and Lewa. The Turaga rediscovered the shapeshifting Rahi, Krahka, who once again agreed to ally with their resistance. Krahka and the Toa Nuva traveled to Stelt, where Trinuma informed the team of Daxia's destruction.[TB]

The Toa Nuva, adamant and powerful leaders of the rebellion against Teridax

Splitting up, Takanuva and Pohatu searched the ruins of Destral, where they received a message from Tahu about the attack on Odina. More information came later from Gali in Metru Nui, concerning a party of Ta-Matoran who tried to escape through the Maze of Shadows, and did not return. Takanuva soon located the machine that teleported Destral from place to place, and requested Toa Mahri Nuparu's aid in repairing it,[TB] though these efforts failed.[citation needed] Tahu tasked Gali with researching the Great Beings in hope of finding a way to stop Teridax's new robotic form. He later left Onua to fortify the Archives and defend the inhabitants inside it.[citation needed]

Meanwhile, Vezon traveled at random through many alternate universes, including The Kingdom Alternate Universe, after having been fused with a Kanohi Olmak.

A resistance team consisting of Tahu, Kopeke, Johmak, Krahka, Guardian, and Lariska retreated to Karzahni. where they planned to meet with Onua, who had come into contact with a surviving group of members from the Order of Mata Nui. After a brief discussion, Guardian was killed after being swallowed up by the ground. A legion of Exo-Toa then surrounded the remaining team, and Teridax, through the robots, demanded their surrender.[RoS, Ch. 1] Before a battle ensued, the ground opened up again underneath the Exo-Toa, and buried the machines. Onua revealed himself and reported that the Order members they were looking for had been overwhelmed by Rahkshi. He then suggested that they eliminate Daxia's pool of Energized Protodermis to stop the production of Rahkshi.

In the Southern Islands, Axonn was briefly trapped in a vision by Teridax, but he eventually broke free with his Kanohi Rode.[RoS, Ch. 2]

In Metru Nui, the Po-Matoran were set to work carving statues of Teridax. The seven Turaga were captured and replaced by "Turaga" Ahkmou, appointed by the Makuta. The Toa Hagah continued to wander aimlessly under the delusion that Teridax had been defeated, regardless of Matoran pleas.[RoS, Ch. 3] The Visorak race was then recreated by Teridax. In the Southern Islands, Keetongu learned of the Visorak's recreation and set about combating the horde.[citation needed]

The Ga-Matoran Macku escaped her labor and discovered Toa Tuyet in the Archives, having returned from an inter-dimensional voyage. She sent a message to Hafu and Kapura to join her, and then brought them to Tuyet, who explained she could help in the resistance against Teridax. Hafu was skeptical as to how Tuyet could assist them, before she revealed that no one in the universe knew she was alive, and that she also had the Nui Stone in her possession.[RoS, Ch. 3]

Teridax sent a massive force of Rahkshi to seize Artakha, and they began to overwhelm the island's defenses. Lewa traveled to help, but Artakha telepathically contacted him and instead teleported him to Tren Krom's Island, knowing that Lewa would find assistance there.[RoS, Ch. 2] Tren Krom sensed Lewa's presence, and offered his help, at a great cost. Lewa agreed, and Tren Krom swapped bodies with him and left the cave.[RoS, Ch. 6] He contacted Artakha, and convinced him to teleport him to Metru Nui. He then joined Hafu, Kapura, and Tuyet in the Archives, already sensing Tuyet's hidden secrets. They moved to the surface and took notice of Toa Pouks and Bomonga. Being told of their recent behavior, Tren Krom detected the illusion the Toa Hagah were under and used his power to free the entire team of the mental prison.[RoS, Ch. 7]

Nektann, one of Teridax's newest allies

On the Southern Islands, Axonn was eventually reunited with his friend Brutaka, currently infused and linked with the essence of Antidermis.[RoS, Ch. 8]

Vezon arrived in the Spherus Magna Alternate Universe, where he found Matoran and Agori working together in the village of Tesara. An army of miscreants and outcasts attacked the village, and Vezon found himself unable to open a portal. Temporal space around Vezon was then frozen by a Great Being from the core dimension, one cursed by the Kanohi Ignika to bring all objects around him to life. The Great Being and Vezon conversed telepathically, and Vezon offered to set the Great Being free in return for his release from stasis.[RoS, Ch. 5]

Nektann, a prime Skakdi warlord, pragmatically decided to join forces with Teridax.[1] His most loyal followers stayed with him, but this decision earned him the hatred of all other Skakdi and the derogatory term "piraka".[OGDi: Jan 5 2010, 07:33 AM] On Teridax's orders, he led a strike force of Rahkshi of Heat Vision to Po-Metru to pacify its residents, but Toa Mahri Hahli, Hewkii, and Nuparu resisted.[MNS, Ch. 12][OGDi: Feb 12 2010, 11:08 AM]

Departure from Aqua Magna

As Makuta Teridax prepared to depart from Aqua Magna, he planned to crush all remaining rebellion attempts. A thought struck him to track down the Mask of Life and destroy Mata Nui trapped inside it. Meanwhile, he sensed the arrival of an alternate Teridax in the universe.

On an uninhabited portion of the Southern Continent, the Order of Mata Nui member and Ko-Matoran Mazeka and this alternate Teridax found themselves confronted with a field of tall grasses that would strangle any intruders. Teridax used his powers to absorb all light around the plants, causing them to die. Suspicious, Mazeka asked how a being that wielded light could manipulate shadow, but his ally explained his tactic, and they continued on their way.[RoS, Ch. 4]

Tahu's group traveled to Daxia and successfully destroyed the pool of Energized Protodermis located there.[2]

Inside the Core Processor, the captured Toa Helryx decided to unleash a Nova Blast that would destroy the control mechanisms and trigger the destruction of the universe, in order to save other worlds from Teridax's rule. Before she could do so, Tren Krom, Tuyet, Kapura, and Hafu entered the room. Tren Krom saw Miserix's illusionary portrait on the wall and dispelled the illusion, releasing Miserix from confinement. Helryx instructed Hafu and Kapura to return to Metru Nui and tell the Matoran to make peace. Meanwhile, Tren Krom used the communications equipment in the chamber to contact the Ignika, telling it to create the Golden Armor. The others moved in to question him, before Axonn and Brutaka appeared in the room. The six warriors argued for a few moments about the fate of the universe before taking sides: Axonn, Helryx, and Miserix agreed to destroy the universe, and Tren Krom, Brutaka, and Tuyet vouched for its survival.[RoS, Ch. 8]

Teridax departing Aqua Magna

As the furious battle raged, Helryx noticed Miserix incapacitate Tren Krom, and began to prepare a Nova Blast. However, the battle was interrupted by the arrival of none other than Artakha, who refused to let the universe be destroyed.[RoS, Ch. 9] After a brief argument with Tren Krom, the ancient crafter forced his consciousness back to his body, and Lewa regained his original form. Teridax then spoke up and promptly teleported all of the room's occupant, save Lewa, into the void of space.[RoS, Ch. 10] Lewa realized he was being left behind, but latched onto Brutaka and was sent into space with the others, where he quickly created air bubbles for everyone except Miserix. Floating in space, the group linked arms and watched the Great Spirit Robot fly far away, and noticed that Teridax was blocking Artakha from teleporting the group back into the Matoran Universe. Suddenly, the group was dragged through a portal created by Vezon. They arrived in a living jail cell, where Vezon introduced them all to a Great Being cursed by the Ignika, who informed them that they were on Bota Magna. The Great Being marveled at his creations before imploring them to free him, and the group began to argue over the ramifications of such a deed.[RoS, Ch. 11]

The five Toa Mahri arrived on the island of Zakaz to see if the other Skakdi warlords would follow Nektann's example and join forces with Teridax, and to investigate rumors that the Piraka had been moved to the island of Zakaz. The Toa managed to sneak past a fortress's defenses and reach a cavern where a great gathering of Skakdi were spurred on to resist Teridax by a warlord. A few moments later, a vast tank of Energized Protodermis rose from out of the ground, and the Skakdi proceeded to haul three prisoners - a Vortixx, a Zyglak, a Steltian laborer, and the five Piraka - into the tank. Unnoticed by the Skakdi, a greenish cloud emerged from a nearby pool of water and dove into the pool as well. The Toa and Skakdi watched as the Energized Protodermis transformed and fused those inside the tank into the Golden-Skinned Being.[RoS, Ch. 10] The monstrous being emerged and told the Skakdi to feed it in return for a gift. The fusion fed on the dreams of the Skakdi and made them real, making the Toa Mahri idolize the Skakdi, and they moved forwards to obey their new masters.[RoS, Ch. 11]

Journey's End

Onua and Tahu attempted to trap a group of Rahkshi, but they retreated at the last moment, much to the confusion of the two Toa. An Order of Mata Nui member then arrived and informed them that all of the Rahkshi were moving towards the Southern Islands for unknown reasons. Tahu assumed Teridax was planning something unique, and ordered the agent to gather any surviving Toa and lead them towards the Southern Islands, where they could ambush and strike the legions.

Teridax sent Rahkshi to pacify the insurgent warlords on Zakaz, and Nektann observed the carnage, musing on the purpose of Zakaz and its people. He then gathered up his forces of Skakdi and moved south, in accordance with Teridax's orders.

When Teridax landed on Bara Magna, he was met by Mata Nui, who now inhabited the Prototype Robot. Teridax challenged Mata Nui, and a battle broke out between the two. Mata Nui blasted Teridax, which caused massive earthquakes and tremors all throughout the Matoran Universe. In the Southern Islands, Tahu and Takanuva watched the massed Rahkshi and Skakdi break formation during the quakes. However, they quickly regrouped and continued to travel south, followed by the Toa.[3]

On Xia, the Shadowed One disappeared, and every Vortixx within a kio radius was shattered into fragments by a loose virus.[RoS, Ch. 11]

Tahu, Takanuva, and hordes of Rahkshi emerging from the Great Spirit Robot

At the base of the Great Spirit Robot, the Rahkshi and Skakdi emerged through a hatch onto Bara Magna, where they began to combat the Glatorian and Agori who fought in Mata Nui's name. Takanuva also emerged, and was attacked by Gresh, who thought him to be another servant of Teridax. Gresh soon realized his mistake, and the emerging Toa allied with the Glatorian in fighting Teridax's troops. When Tahu emerged, he was given a vision by the Ignika and told to don the Golden Armor, which it then created. However, Teridax scattered the pieces across the battlefield with a burst of energy. Tahu, Takanuva, and Gresh split up to recover the pieces. Meanwhile, Gali and Pohatu emerged and devastated a legion of Skakdi.[GC7]

Mata Nui struck Teridax with a bolt of energy in the same area as before, severing a molten protodermis pipeline within the robot. Teridax dispatched Visorak spiders to contain the damage.[3]

In the realm of Karzahni, the Barraki warlords Pridak, Kalmah, Ehlek, and Mantax had assembled their armies to march on the island of Metru Nui once the Shadowed One had unleashed his viruses on Teridax. Pridak felt the quakes caused by Mata Nui's attacks and took them to be a sign, but he soon realized that Teridax was still in command of the robot. Pridak grew impatient and decided to lead his armies to Metru Nui anyway.

Continuing their journey, Mazeka and the alternate Teridax arrived at Ba-Koro, formerly home to Ba-Matoran. They pushed against the winds before making their way into the deserted village, finding themselves surrounded by Visorak corpses. The Teridax of the Matoran Universe spoke through the corpses, jeering that he could not be defeated by a weaker version of himself, and teleported three Shadow Takanuva to Ba-Koro.[RoS, Ch. 9] The alternate Teridax and Mazeka fought and killed the three Toa, before the alternate Teridax sensed something was wrong.[RoS, Ch. 12]

Teridax's death

Teridax then summoned a burst of gravitic energy, intending to use it to destroy Bara Magna. However, Mata Nui managed to redirect the blast, which struck Bota Magna and Aqua Magna, drawing the moons towards the planet. Tahu, who had recovered the pieces of the Golden Armor, used it to destroy all of Teridax's Kraata on the battlefield, which shocked and weakened Teridax. With a final shove from Mata Nui, Teridax was pushed into the path of a fragment of Aqua Magna.[3] This destroyed the Core Processor and caused great damage to Metru Nui. The Great Spirit Robot then collapsed to the ground, damaging the Matoran Universe even more than the Great Cataclysm had.[citation needed] The alternate Teridax teleported himself and Mazeka just as the tremors hit, dodging the worst of the quakes.[RoS, Ch. 12]

With the Matoran Universe crippled, many of its inhabitants emigrated onto the newly reformed planet of Spherus Magna.[3] In Metru Nui, several members of the Chronicler's Company joined together to help evacuate Matoran.[RoS, Ch. 12]