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8549 Tarakava.jpg
Large Set
Set number 8549
Subtheme Rahi
Release date 2001
Pieces 409
MSRP $49.99 (US)
Ages 8+

Set 8549 Tarakava is a large boxed set released in 2001, portraying the Tarakava.

Product Description

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Danger waits in the swamp!
Often found hiding in the murky swamp water of Mata Nui, the Tarakava is a ruthless lizard-like creature that lunges from hiding to attack. When they wear infected masks, the Tarakava are dangerous foes of the Toa - but if the Toa are victorious, these beasts can be tamed. Press the Tarakava's levers for powerful punching action versus its foes. Includes two Tarakava. Each measures 9" tall and 3½" wide.[
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Set Information

The set packaging

The Tarakava set was released in 2001 as one of the five Rahi sets. The set consists of 409 pieces.

Two Tarakava are built from the set. One is blue, and the other is teal.

An alternate model for the set also exists, depicting a Tarakava Nui, for which instructions were provided in the teal model's booklet.


Each Tarakava has two levers on their back. Pushing down a lever causes its corresponding arm to punch forward. When a Tarakava's mask was knocked off, its jaw would go limp, as if in injury.


The Tarakava each wear a mask on their snout. The blue Tarakava wears a blue Pakari, while the teal Tarakava wears a teal Kakama.


8549 Tarakava score on Brick Insights indicate generally positive reviews.



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