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"One instant, Axonn, Brutaka, Helryx, Artakha, Miserix, Tuyet and two Matoran were inside a half-ruined chamber deep beneath Metru Nui. The next, they were floating in the airless, icy void of outer space, watching as the robot Makuta commanded soared away from them toward a distant world."
— Narrator, Reign of Shadows

Kualsi in Action.png
Iruini using the Kualsi to teleport
Associated Kanohi Kualsi
Matoran prefix None
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Teleportation is a power that allows the wielder to transport themself, other beings, or objects instantaneously to another place. The ability is sometimes limited to places within the user's plane of vision, although this is not always the case.

Species Wielders

Matoran Universe


  • Rahkshi and Kraata of Teleportation, as well as all Makuta, have Teleportation powers.

Botar's species


  • Teleporting the user to another location
  • Teleporting others/objects to another location


All of the following have or had the power of Teleportation:


  • Artakha's method of teleportation differs from the Makuta's method: Artakha teleports objects and beings by warping space around his target, whereas the Makuta's power dissolves the target's substance and reconstitutes it at its destination.[1]