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"They come in different sizes and colors, but unfortunately, all have the same personality: foul."
Rahaga Pouks, Rahi Beasts

Creator Makuta Chirox
Powers Zone of Darkness access through Rhotuka
Conservation status Uncommon
Known locations Various throughout Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KAH-gah-rack[1]
Set 8743+8747

The Kahgarak are an extremely powerful type of Visorak.


Early history

Kahgarak, like all the other Visorak, were created by Makuta Chirox on an island south of Nynrah that was soon renamed "Visorak," after the spider-like creatures.[2]

Being part of the Brotherhood of Makuta's armies, they were led by Sidorak and Roodaka, king and viceroy of the Visorak hordes, after they were conquered by Makuta Gorast. The hordes invaded a number of islands, mutating native Rahi beasts in the process.

Invasion of Metru Nui

At Metru Nui, the Kahgarak often led smaller Visorak units on hunts and served as guards for the Coliseum and other strategic sites during the occupation of Metru Nui.[1] When Sidorak and Roodaka discovered that the Metru Mantis were attacking the horde, two Kahgarak were charged with the elimination of the creatures.[3]

Roodaka riding a Kahgarak in Web of Shadows

Rahaga Kualus and Toa Hordika Nuju encountered a Kahgarak in the Archives[4] and fled from it, joining Bomonga and Whenua. The Kahgarak pursued them, but Nuju created a mirror of Ice that reflected the Kahgarak's Rhotuka, banishing it to the Zone of Darkness.[5] Later on, Bomonga and Whenua encountered two Kahgarak battling in the Archives. During the fight, one Kahgarak unleashed a Rhotuka spinner at the other, causing the other spider to be sent into the Zone of Darkness and dragging the Rahaga and Toa into the zone as well. The duo then followed the same Kahgarak out of the Zone of Darkness, where they found themselves in the hands of Sidorak and part of the horde. A Kahgarak summoned the Zivon to devour them but a battle ensued when the other Toa and Rahaga arrived. The same Kahgarak decided to send the Tahtorak into the Zone of Darkness, as it was fighting the Zivon. However, Krahka managed to shove the Zivon at the Tahtorak, causing the banishment of all three to the zone. Toa Onewa killed this Kahgarak in anger.[6]

During the Battle of Metru Nui, several of the Toa Hordika infiltrated the Coliseum, but encountered a Kahgarak and were removed.[7] Roodaka rode on top of a golden Kahgarak to parley with them. Like all other Visorak, the Kahgarak left Metru Nui after Vakama disbanded the horde.[8]

Teridax's Reign

All of the Visorak were summoned to the island of Artidax by the Heart of the Visorak's effect. Once there, a volcanic eruption was triggered by the Order of Mata Nui, wiping the Kahgarak and the other Visorak from existence.[9]

Once Teridax gained control of the Matoran Universe, he recreated the Kahgarak along with the other Visorak, and they started enforcing his law throughout the universe.[10][11] When Teridax was killed, the Kahgarak, along with the rest of the Visorak horde, became a wild species and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[12]

Abilities and Traits

A Kahgarak launching a Rhotuka of Darkness

Kahgarak ranged in height from 6 feet to 12 feet, and in width from 9 feet to 18 feet. Their coloring also varies,[1] with about half a dozen different color combinations.[13]

Kahgarak have natural Rhotuka launchers which can fire Rhotuka that can open a portal to the Zone of Darkness. Anything that the Rhotuka collides with will be sucked into the pocket dimension. The Kahgarak often use their Rhotuka to unleash the Zivon and to return it to the Zone of Darkness. This unique Rhotuka power makes them feared opponents.[14] They also possess the default paralysis Rhotuka.[15]

Since their large size makes them ideal weapons platforms, some Kahgarak are fitted with projectile launchers for use in sieges.[1]

Set Information

The Kahgarak combiner

A blue and white Kahgarak can be built out of Visorak sets Boggarak and Suukorak, with the instructions being available in the two sets. It features a Rhotuka Launcher on its back and a silver Rhotuka spinner. Pressing down on its head causes its mandibles to squeeze together.

A gold and dark blue Kahgarak was released in 8758 Tower of Toa and featured a golden Kraahkan as a purely structural component of its head. Its underside was fitted with a blunt shooter which could be fired by pressing down on the Kahgarak's back.

A special edition gold and dark blue Kahgarak was released in 8759 Battle of Metru Nui. This version featured an exclusive gold-colored Vohtarak carapace. Pressing down on the head caused its mandibles to squeeze together, and its back featured a Rhotuka launcher that could fire the set's glow-in-the-dark or silver Rhotuka spinners. The Kahgarak could also launch the mini-Visorak from its underside by pulling the Visorak back along a beam. It was labeled as the "Great Visorak" on the Battle for Metru Nui box, because the name "Kahgarak" had not yet been approved by the legal team.[16]


The Kahgarak in 8759 Battle for Metru Nui
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