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8756 Sidorak
Large Set
Set number 8756
Subtheme Titans[1]
Release date Late-2005
Pieces 211
MSRP $20.00 (US)
Ages 8+

Set 8756 Sidorak is a large box set released in late 2005, portraying Sidorak, the king of the Visorak horde.

Product Description

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King of the Visorak!
Mighty leader of the Visorak horde, Sidorak is a veteran of a thousand conquests. Now he is determined to use his spider creature legions to overrun Metru Nui and defeat the Toa Hordika! With his herding blade, he can command the Visorak without needing to speak. His Rhotuka spinners compel anyone they strike to obey him completely.

*New feature! Pull the rip-cord to launch his spinner up to 50 feet/15 metres!
*Sidorak stands over 11 inches/28 cm high!
*Includes building instructions to combine with #8755 Keetongu to create Sentrakh!

Set Information

The Sidorak set contains 211 pieces, and was first released in late 2005.

Parts from Sidorak and 8755 Keetongu can be used to build Sentrakh; the two sets can be combined with 8761 Roodaka to construct Voporak.


Sidorak's left arm ends in a Herding Blade that can be pushed from a retracted position into an extended position.

Sidorak carries a Rhotuka Launcher in his right hand. A Rhotuka spinner can be propelled from this launcher by using a ripcord included with the set. When not in use, the spinner can be held in place by Sidorak's claws.

Sidorak's arms can rotate at the shoulder in a similar fashion to a Toa Metru set's arms, although there is no gear system to drive this rotation.


The Sidorak set includes a silver Rhotuka Spinner, marked with a Kanoka Code.



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