BIONICLE 18: Seeds of Doom

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"I would rather be fed to the Great Furnace than live in a city run by an obnoxious, foul-smelling, over-grown pile of vegetable matter good for nothing but clogging canals."
Toa Metru Nokama

BIONICLE 18: Seeds of Doom
Outside/alternate title Showdown
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Seeds of Doom", also known by its title text "Showdown", is issue #18 of the BIONICLE series of comics and the third issue in the "Metru Nui" story arc. It was included with the May/June 2004 LEGO Magazines.

Plot Summary

On the way to the King Root of the Morbuzakh, the Toa Metru and Matoran encounter a squad of Vahki, but they find refuge in an abandoned forge. Suddenly, hundreds of Morbuzakh seeds fall all over them. They start to sprout, wrapping the Toa Metru and Matoran tightly in vines. With the help of Nuju, they escape from the hundreds of Morbuzakh seeds and hide behind a door. The Toa understand that the door will not hold off the vines, so Vakama tells Nuju and Onewa to destroy the building. They create massive columns of Ice and Stone and make them fall, collapsing the structure.

While this happens, Ahkmou tries to run. Onewa realizes he was the traitor, and confronts him about it, giving his reasoning that unlike the other Matoran, when he was found, Ahkmou had been in no danger. At the same time, Nuju explains to Nokama how he had been able to escape and help the others.

After they go past many obstacles and deliver the Matoran to safety, the Toa enter the Great Furnace, and they see the King Root, filling the massive room, much to their shock. The King Root speaks telepathically to the Toa, stating its power over the Matoran and revealing that it was commanded to drive the Matoran to the center of the city: The Coliseum. The plant then successfully tries to steal Whenua's Great Disk. However, with the help of Nokama, Nuju creates an ice pick, which allows Whenua to cut the vine and retrieve the Disk. Matau helps Nuju and Whenua escape the vines.

During the battle, the Toa Metru each use up almost all of their Elemental Energy in fighting the many vines and eventually trick the Morbuzakh into drawing them in closer to it, taunting the plant as it pulls them near. They then use the Great Disks, which form an energy bubble around the King Root, cutting it off from its vines, and killing it. The Toa Metru then retrieve the Great Disks, and flee as the building collapses. The Toa watch the destruction of the plant from outside. The vines in the city disintegrate. The Toa have been victorious so they leave for the Coliseum but Nokama wonders who could have commanded the Morbuzakh, why, and whether that being would strike again.


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