Hordika Venom

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"Hordika venom courses within you. If it is not neutralized, it will take root, and Hordika you will be, forever."
Rahaga Norik, Web of Shadows

Hordika Venom
CGI Suukorak and Vakama Metru.png
A Suukorak using Hordika Venom to mutate Toa Vakama
Function Causes bestial transformations in biomechanical beings
Known states Liquid
Primary location Visorak, Visorak victims
Pronunciation hoar-DEE-kah

Hordika Venom is a mutagenic substance occurring naturally within Visorak. The spider-like Rahi use it frequently on their victims, injecting it through their fangs. They can also line the cocoons of their webbing with barbs coated in the toxin.


A mutated Kikanalo emerging from its cocoon

During their attempted conquest of Metru Nui, the Visorak were ordered to mutate a team of Toa who were attempting to stop them. These Toa began mutating into beasts, and named themselves the Toa Hordika as a result. While struggling to overcome their transformations, they continued their quest to save the Matoran of the city, and eventually discovered Keetongu, a legendary Rahi with knowledge of how to cure the effects of the venom.


Hordika Venom affects the body and mentality of the target, driving the afflicted being into a bestial rage. Over time, the victim eventually transforms into a Rahi. During its early stages, the transformation can be halted and reversed by those with a knowledge of how to cure it. However, past a certain threshold, the victim will inevitably become a Rahi. Rahi injected with the venom become more savage and vicious as a result of the mutation. The venom often gives the beings affected new powers, which usually manifest in the form of natural Rhotuka Launchers.

Like Viruses, Hordika Venom cannot affect organic beings such as Agori and Glatorian.[1]

Beings Affected


  • Keetongu is the only known being in the Matoran Universe with the knowledge of how to cure Hordika Venom.
  • The Dark Hunter Tracker has claimed to be a victim of the venom, although he is known to alter his own personal history in different ways.


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