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"We want nothing from Metru Nui, and Metru Nui should ask nothing of us."
— Mavrah, Voyage of Fear

Occupation Archivist
Kanohi Pakari[1]
Status Revived
Location Red Star
Pronunciation MAHV-rah

Mavrah is an Onu-Matoran native to Onu-Metru and fascinated with Rahi.


Metru Nui

Mavrah worked as an Archivist in Onu-Metru. Mavrah spent long days in the Archives talking to Nuparu about the latest ideas for inventions the two of them had come up with, something he would later go on to reminisce about.[2] He was known for his theory that the Bohrok were once living organisms which evolved into completely mechanical beings.[3]

At one point, Mavrah attempted an experiment with Kinloka on a sub-level, but they broke loose and the level was quarantined.[4]

4,000 years ago, Mavrah followed the Kanohi Dragon through the lower levels of the Archives when it attacked Metru Nui, but Whenua and the Chief Archivist prevented him from going any further.[5]

Underwater Rahi Study

Years later, Mavrah worked with Whenua and Onepu to study the First Rahi that had wandered to Metru Nui. However, when Whenua was almost killed by one of the Rahi, Turaga Dume called off the project. Unwilling to abandon his project, Mavrah stole the Rahi before the Vahki could remove them and fled through the Silver Sea. He lived with them in the Great Barrier between Metru Nui to Mata Nui, along with a band of Kralhi that allied themselves with him.

After the Great Cataclysm, the Toa Metru, along with six Matoran in their Matoran Spheres, found him in the tunnels as they tried to find a new home for the Matoran of Metru Nui. Because he thought the Toa were there to bring him back to the city, Mavrah tried to scare them away. When that failed, he ordered his Rahi and Kralhi to attack, and a great battle between marine Rahi and Toa ensued. Several Vahki Vorzakh, who were following the Toa Metru, also joined the battle. Mavrah was urging his Rahi further until Onewa forced him to realize the harm that he was causing to everyone. Mavrah then rushed to the edge of the water tunnel in an attempt to calm his Rahi. However, due to the intense battle, the waters turned violent, and a wave washed Mavrah into the waters below.[6]

Red Star

Mavrah perished in the waters and was teleported to the Red Star, where he was supposed to be resurrected and returned to the Matoran Universe. However, the Red Star was not functioning correctly, and he was unable to leave.[7]

Over 1,000 years later, Mavrah encountered the Toa Nuva Kopaka and Pohatu and emerged from one of the rooms within the Red Star to rescue them from a group of Kestora.[8]

Abilities and Traits

Mavrah is an eager scientist, but sometimes so eager that he does not consider his own safety or well-being. His obsession with the underwater Rahi study was so great that he was willing to give up his life in Metru Nui and exiled himself along with them.[6] While living in the Great Barrier, he had a pet Rahi that could sense the use of Kanohi powers.[9]

Like other Onu-Matoran, Mavrah is able to see well in the dark. Mavrah wears a purple powerless Pakari.[1][10][11]


  • Mavrah's theory about Bohrok once being organic life forms was accurate, as Av-Matoran evolve into Bohrok.[12]


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