BIONICLE: Challenge of the Toa Metru!

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BIONICLE: Challenge of the Toa Metru!
Board Game
Number of players One to two
Distributor The LEGO Group

BIONICLE: Challenge of the Toa Metru! is a game released in the June 2004 LEGO Magazine.


Two players launch Kanoka disks at the board, which acts as a target, and attempt to gain points through doing so, competing for the most points.


The instructions to the game are found on the same page as the board, and suggest the use of Toa Metru sets outfitted with the Kanoka Launchers obtainable in Kanoka packs. However, the sets used do not affect gameplay.

The board is circular and separated into eight regions of alternating color. Four evenly-arranged orange regions offer ten points each, while the yellow regions in between offer either five points or fifteen points. A smaller, circular region occupies the center and offers fifty points.

The instructions do not specify a point at which the game ends, and invite players to practice independently as well as in competition.


  • Three notches appear along the board's outer rim and a smaller rim that runs through the eight sections, mirroring the notches that appear on the edges of Kanoka disks.