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8761 Roodaka
Large Set
Set number 8761
Subtheme Titans[1]
Release date Late-2005
Pieces 233
MSRP $20.00 (US)
Ages 8+

Set 8761 Roodaka is a large box set released in late 2005, portraying Roodaka, the treacherous Vortixx.

Product Description

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Beware the dark schemes of Roodaka!
Powerful and dangerous viceroy of the Visorak, Roodaka is one of the most formidable foes any Toa has ever faced. With her catcher claws she can snag spinners thrown at her, poison them and then fling them back. Her Rhotuka spinners have the power to instantly and permanently mutate anyone they strike. A sworn enemy of the Toa and the Rahaga, she also plots against Sidorak to take control of the Visorak!

*New feature! Send her spinner flying up to 50 feet/15 metres!
*Roodaka stands over 11 inches/28 cm high!
*Includes building instructions to combine with #8755 Keetongu to create the Shadowed One!

Set Info

The Roodaka set contains 233 pieces, and was first released in late 2005.

Parts from Roodaka and 8755 Keetongu can be used to build the Shadowed One; the two sets can be combined with 8756 Sidorak to construct Voporak.


A small launcher can be pulled along a stationary ripcord attached to Roodaka's arm to propel a Rhotuka spinner.

Roodaka's Catcher Claws can be spun by turning an axle attached to the tools.


The Roodaka set includes a silver Rhotuka Spinner, marked with a Kanoka Code.



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