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8603 Toa Whenua
Canister Set
Set number 8603
Subtheme Toa Metru
Release date Early 2004
Pieces 49
MSRP $7.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8603 Toa Whenua is a canister set released in early 2004, portraying Toa Metru Whenua.

Product Description

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Master of Metru Nui's secrets!
Toa Metru of earth and guardian of Onu-Metru, Whenua spends much of his time in the vast Archives beneath the city. When danger threatens, he relies on his twin earthshock drills and his Great Mask of Night Vision.

Look inside for a special Kanoka card with a BIONICLE® Instant Win game! Plus enter the card's Kanoka code on to access secret BIONICLE information.

Set Information

The Toa Whenua set was released in early 2004 as one of the six Toa Metru sets. The set consists of forty-nine pieces.

By combining pieces from Toa Whenua with 8602 Toa Nokama and 8606 Toa Nuju, one can build the Kraawa. Another combiner model, Krahka, can be built using pieces from all six Toa Metru sets.


By turning a knob in Whenua's back, his Earthshock Drills will swing up and down. The Earthshock Drills could also be attached together using an angled connector to form a single, larger drill.

The lid of Toa Whenua's canister can be attached to the lid of another Toa Metru set's canister to form a Matoran Sphere.

Some copies of the set included Whenua's Toa Metru Mini Promo CD.


Whenua wears a black Great Ruru.


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