First Rahi

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"Monstrous Rahi, ancient when Metru Nui was young... driven from their home waters... jaws opened wide... tentacles reaching, reaching..."
Toa Metru Vakama's thoughts, Voyage of Fear

First Rahi
Creator Great Beings
Powers Various
Known locations Archives (formerly)
Great Barrier (formerly)
Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation rah-HEE

The First Rahi are a collection of enormous marine Rahi.


The First Rahi were created over 100,000 years ago by the Great Beings to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[2][3]

Several of these Rahi eventually made it to the shores of Metru Nui, where they were kept in the Archives sub-levels to be studied. Due to the damage they caused to the Archives, Turaga Dume exiled the Rahi and gave the Vahki permission to kill any that approached the city. Mavrah refused to let his research end, and left Metru Nui with the Rahi, who took shelter in watery tunnels within the Great Barrier, where they periodically ate one another.[4]

While the Toa Metru were attempting to reach the island of Mata Nui aboard The Lhikan, they passed through the tunnels, where the Rahi attacked them. The Toa fought back until they were captured by Mavrah's Kralhi. While the Toa Metru were trying to escape, several Vahki Vorzakh, which had pursued the Toa Metru, attacked them, agitating the Rahi and causing a frenzy in the tunnels. Several of the Rahi perished, either by the Vorzakh or by their hungry compatriots. By the battle's end, the remaining Rahi were driven back underwater, and their path to the surface was frozen by Nuju.[4]

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the remaining first Rahi were evacuated to Spherus Magna.[1]

Known Rahi

  • Great Temple Squids.[5][6]
  • A Rahi with bright green eyes, a massive body, a mouth large enough to swallow a Vahki Transport whole, and skin that radiates intense heat.[7]
  • Various sea serpent-like Rahi with varying lengths.
    • A serpent at least 65 feet long, with a tail covered in spikes three feet long. (deceased)[8]
    • A serpent over 40 feet long.[9]
    • Multiple serpents almost as long as the Coliseum.[10]
    • A horned serpent with vicious fangs.[11]
    • A serpent approximately the length of Po-Metru.[12]
    • A powerful serpent aggravated by captivity.[13]
    • A serpent driven off by Fire.[14]
  • A Rahi with tentacles that look and act exactly like seaweed, and huge jaws filled with knife-sharp teeth.[15]
  • An octopoid Rahi that catches prey by creating whirlpools.[16]
  • Rahi resembling oversized sea slugs.[10]
  • Massive fish that can leap high into the air, with razor-sharp fins that dance with electricity.[10]
  • A huge reptilian Rahi that can hunt Tarakava.[10]
  • A massive tentacled whale.[11]
  • Amphibious Rahi of enormous size.[17]
  • A Tarakava-like Rahi with multiple flippers, but with no feet, that can fire twin Ice beams from its eyes.[18]
  • A shark Rahi.[19]
  • A huge, intelligent jellyfish-like Rahi resistant to the Kanohi Komau.[20]
  • Half a dozen flying rays.[21]
  • An undersea insectoid Rahi larger and stronger than a Toa.[22]
  • A large Rahi ray.[23]
  • Two flying fish that turned on each other.[24]
  • A Rahi with a head shaped like an axe.[14]