Blazer Claws

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Blazer Claws
Manufacturer Hordika Venom
Users Toa Hordika Vakama
Function Charging up Rhotuka
Creating small intense flames
Melee combat
Status Transformed

A Blazer Claw in Web of Shadows

The Blazer Claws were Toa Hordika Vakama's Toa Tools. They were mutated from the Kanoka Launcher he carried as a Toa Metru. They were used to produce small but intense flames, and to charge up Fire Rhotuka spinners, as well as function as a melee weapon.[1] The fire the blade emitted could be turned on and off, though Vakama initially had little control over it.

Example Usage

In Vengeance of the Visorak, Vakama used his Blazer Claws to charge a Fire Rhotuka.

Set Information

Two Blazer Claws were in the Vakama Hordika set. The flame which emerged from the hard, dark red plastic base was made of soft, rubbery, translucent orange plastic.

The LEGO Group produced life-sized foam versions of the Blazer Claws for use as play weaponry. Two versions exist: a normal Blazer Claw as it appears in the set, and a Blazer Claw in a long, staff form.[2][3]


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