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"Embrace the root of fire in Ta-Metru..."
— Carving in the Great Temple, Mystery of Metru Nui

Fire Pits
Status Dismantled
Position Ta-Metru

The Fire Pits were fiery geysers in the heart of Ta-Metru.


The Fire Pits provided most of the warmth and fire for the Ta-Metru Foundries. Because of the danger from the pits, Ta-Matoran were required to receive special permission from Turaga Dume in order to access them.

Toa Metru Vakama and the Ta-Matoran Nuhrii broke into the area during their search for the Ta-Metru Great Disk. Using his Fire powers to melt through the fence surrounding the pits, the Toa melted handholds into the sides of the pit and recovered the Great Disk. As the Toa and Matoran exited the Pit, a Morbuzakh vine emerged from the bottom of the Pit and grabbed at Vakama's leg. Using a Kanoka Disk of Reconstitute at Random, the pair mutated the vine and escaped. As they fled, the Fire Pits incinerated the mutant Morbuzakh.

The Fire Pits were greatly damaged in the earthquake caused by the Great Cataclysm, but were later repaired by the usage of the Staff of Artakha. The Fire Pits, along with the rest of Metru Nui, were severely damaged when a fragment of one of the moons of Bara Magna struck the head of the Great Spirit Robot during Teridax's battle with Mata Nui. Later, the Fire Pits, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, were dismantled.[1][2]

Vakama and Nuhrii retrieving the Ta-Metru Great Disk


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