BIONICLE 22: Monsters in the Dark

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"You have become both more and less than what you were."
Rahaga Norik to Toa Hordika Vakama

BIONICLE 22: Monsters in the Dark
Outside/alternate title Hordika Unleashed!
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Monsters in the Dark", also known by its title text "Hordika Unleashed!", is issue #22 of the BIONICLE series of comic books and the seventh issue in the "Metru Nui" story arc. It was included with the January/February 2005 LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

After the voyage from Metru Nui to Mata Nui and back, the Toa Metru are ready to rescue the Matoran. They crash onto the shore near Le-Metru, to the annoyance of some of the Toa. They then round up and walk forward into the city.

Matau notices strange fog-like webs covering the city, as the Toa despair over the condition of the city. As Vakama orders Matau to scout ahead, a Visorak notices them and sends a message through the webbing. Soon hundreds of Visorak start to appear. Whenua remembers the Legend of the Visorak, and recounts it to the others. Vakama angrily reproaches him for not recalling earlier, much to Nokama's shocked disapproval.

Suddenly two Rahkshi appear, and Whenua tells the others that the Archives were shattered and all the Rahi have escaped. Undaunted and headstrong, Vakama urges them to go on, saying that nothing can harm them.

After their journey to the Coliseum, Visorak then attack the Toa with their Rhotuka. Paralyzed, the Toa fall to the ground. The Visorak wrap the Toa in cocoons and hang them far above the city. As the Visorak venom changes them, the Toa in the cocoons start to fall one by one, but the Rahaga hang from the webs and snag the cocoons before bringing them down to safety.

The Toa emerge, changed into monstrous Toa Hordika, much to their own shock. The Rahaga introduce themselves and explain about the Hordika Venom and the Toa's new appearance.

Meanwhile, in the Coliseum, now inhabited by the Visorak, Roodaka crushes a messenger Visorak, who delivered news of the Toa's escape, in anger as she needed the Toa captured. She then swears that she will have them, mentioning her quest to free Makuta.



  • In some parts of the world, this comic came packaged with a golden-colored Kanohi Kualsi.
  • When Norik is presenting himself and the other Rahaga, he incorrectly has the appearence of Gaaki, and she has his.

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