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"These great, barren plains are dotted with huge statues created by Po-Matoran carvers."
Metru Nui - City of Legends

Sculpture Fields
Status Dismantled
Position Po-Metru

The Sculpture Fields was an area of Po-Metru.


The Sculpture Fields was the site of massive carving projects for the city of Metru Nui. It was a large, open expanse, heavily bleached by the sun so that it resembled a desert. The Po-Matoran long ago realized that such a space would suit their purposes. Huge blocks of Solid Protodermis were brought here, mostly transported on flatboats along Protodermis Canals. These blocks were worked on by skilled Carvers, sometimes for as long as weeks or months on one statue. On any given day, armies of workers labored in the Fields, stopping for only two circumstances: quitting time or the appearance of a dangerous Rahi like a Tunneler.

When work was done for the day, wild herds of Kikanalo swept through, digging up any left-over pieces of Solid Protodermis for later recycling. The expanse was littered with unfinished huge statues and towers, which dominated the horizon like mesas. Years of tilling the soil for scraps of Solid Protodermis led to portions of the Fields becoming unstable. Statues built in those areas sank into the ground, and even walking across the area could be treacherous. Toa Onewa discovered that using his Proto Pitons to swing from one statue to another was the fastest way to travel across the Sculpture Fields.

Prior to the Great Cataclysm, Matoran could take a tour of the Fields (with the permission of Turaga Dume) that showcased the entire building process. Two tours were available. The first featured a solid block of Protodermis being delivered and carved into a statue. On Naming Days, Matoran could have life-size sculptures of themselves made on this tour. The second tour involved shipments of parts from Ta-Metru and visiting one of the Assembler's Villages to see the parts turned into a piece of furniture or other item of use.

When Onewa was searching for Ahkmou, the Sculpture Fields were where the Toa first tracked down the missing Matoran, hiding on top of one of the sculptures. Later, Onewa was forced to traverse an unstable area of the Fields in order to gain access to Chute Station 445 nearby.

The Sculpture Fields were largely undamaged by the earthquake caused by the Great Cataclysm, as the area was not very built up in the first place. It is unknown if the Visorak occupation of Metru Nui had any lasting effect on the Fields. However, any damage sustained to the area was later repaired by the use of the Staff of Artakha.

When Teridax was killed in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Sculpture Fields were severely damaged, and the Matoran evacuated to Spherus Magna. Later, the Sculpture Fields, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, were dismantled.[1][2]

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

Situated in the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru in the Toa Empire Alternate Universe is a large stone throne mounted on top of Rahkshi parts. Named the Throne of Stone, it acts as the headquarters of Pohatu and Lesovikk's rebel team.


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